Easiest Way to Earn Through Video Games

get paid to play video gamesA huge evolution is making its way in the gaming field. By now, gamers were playing video games just for fun and entertainment. But now they are looking forward to making money with their favorite pastime. Today you can get paid to play video games in various ways and one of them is to have a thorough knowledge about a particular game or some games. How to do it? Let’s see.

  • Here you have to take some efforts besides enjoying the game – you have to note down whatever you learn while playing the game.
  • Then you open a blogger account – it’s free.
  • On this blog (the one you get through blogger.com) you can write what you learn about your favorite video games.
  • Next, sign up for a Google Adsense account and also an amazon.com affiliate account (through which you are going to earn money).
  • Continue writing on your blog about whatever you learn, i.e. tips and tricks for other gamers.

This is an easiest way of earning money from a video game – sharing your knowledge! Now this involves some work, like noting down the stuff you learn, opening a blogger account and write on it, and open a Google adsense account, etc. But is it really hard to write about what you love?

Noting What You Learn

While playing a game, you learn new things on various steps with which you are amazed. Now you just have to do one more thing, i.e. to note it down. The reason to note these things down is there are high chances that you may forget them as you move further in the game. Then, when you come across some new challenge, you totally forget about the earlier one. And therefore it is very important to note it down. You can draw sketches if you can and do this as much understandable as possible. Keep yourself in the learner’s position and ask yourself if you will learn something from your notes. Remember that people will visit your blog only if they find it useful.

Why to Open a Blogger Account?

Simple! Blogger account is totally free and hassle-free too. You get a blog which is much like a website and you can write whatever you want. You can post sketches, videos and texts to elaborate the tips and tricks for other players.


For years, you are playing your favorite game and you have earned a lot of knowledge about it. Then why to delay? You know, you can talk a lot about the game; now, you just have to write it. You know perfect strategies, tips, tricks and hints. You can also include other links which are helpful. In short, you can write things in which other players are interested. And being a hardcore gamer, you know what other gamers want. And don’t forget to write regularly. In order to attract a huge traffic, you should be very regular in visiting your own blog and writing there regularly. As far as possible, write at least one article daily and don’t forget to make it as interesting as you can.

Google Adsense and Amazon

This is where money comes in. You are making all the efforts for getting paid. Google Adsense and Amazon are the sources to give you that. The more popular your blog, the more money will it make. This is because if your blog is interesting, more visitors will visit it and click the ads, the revenue of which you will earn. And for this, your blog should contain a lot of good information about the game. Amazon.com pays you a percentage of each sale. So, if your blog is popular, your income will still increase.

Keep it Consistent

Remember you have to be very regular about your articles if you want to make money seriously. Your visitors may want to know something new every now and then, and you have to give them that. And it is not difficult. You experience the fun of playing a game, learning new things. You just have to put it into words and tell others.

Will It Work?

Of course! But mind it, it will work only when your stuff is really good. You can’t just give something useless and hope for a great traffic. And one more thing you will need is patience. It’s not the case, that you start your blog today and start getting traffic the next day. It will take at least a month or two or even more. Give internet some time to get your blog popularized. Once it is publicized and people know that it contains good information, they will visit it and also tell others to visit it, and in this way your blog will be popular. This will take a little time. Till then, you have to do the hard work.

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