Enemy Dawn – The Most Stunning Action Game Ever

enemy dawnThe Apple store is now getting ready for the launch of one of the most stunning action game apps of all times to spice up the online store. Everyone is anticipating the launch of Enemy Dawn – the 2D gaming app which is expected to come out by May 2014.

Stunning Graphics

The graphics by Simplus Technologies offer us a breakthrough in action games and apps with incredible graphics in iPhone games. Simplus Technologies have taken the app gaming industry ahead by 3 stages, by harnessing the abilities in a true sense that the iPhone has on offer.

Storyline and Gameplay

The most appealing feature of Enemy Dawn is perhaps the fact that they have kept truly honest with the truths of the World War II and have depicted the episodes as they actually took place. 2014 is the 75th anniversary year of World War II and being released in this year, the game is based on the episode of invasion of Nazis in Poland in 1939.

The major features of the Enemy Dawn allow you to travel through Poland with a mobile rocket launcher targeting Ju-87 stuka aircraft, artillery, infantry and panzer tanks.

Enemy Dawn comprises of 5 levels wherein you are to play a soldier attempting to liberate Poland. The enthralling game is certainly going to give you Goosebumps, when you become a part of the most huge historic event which the world has witnessed so far.


To console those enthusiasts who just can’t wait for the launch of the game, Simplus Technologies have declared sweepstakes where you can enter by subscribing to the release newsletter. By doing this, you will not only be able to receive some  most recent updates about Dawn Enemy but also will be eligible to get a free gift card sweepstakes for Google Play or World of Tanks. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, sign up and grab the reward!

Here is a trailer video of the wonderful game which is probably the best you might have seen so far and only shows how far we’ve reached when gaming apps are concerned. The trailer perfectly reviews what we can acquire from the game.

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