Getting Into the Gaming Industry Made Easy

working in game industry-bookGaming industry is one of today’s most booming industries and besides playing game for one’s entertainment, people are dreaming of earning money by entering into the industry. While everybody hears about the handsome amount of money gaming industry professionals earn, anybody hardly knows what to do exactly to get into it and in such a scenario if some expert guides you about the ins and outs of this field, there is nothing like it, is it? And here steps in a nice book named Working in the Game Industry by Joshua Brown.

The book has been written with an aim to help aspiring video game entrepreneurs get jobs within the game industry. It is not essential for you to know the particular area in the industry you desire to pursue since this book covers most of the roles and how to obtain a dream job working in that role.

The writer Joshua Brown started writing this book not only to help others to make a successful career in the gaming industry, but also because of having a great passion and enjoyment in this field. Working as a 3D artist and going through the process of getting gaming industry job many times, the writer fully understands how difficult the process can be. Joshua is qualified with a BA (hons) degree in 3D Modeling and Animation for Computer Games from the University of Derby and has worked for various companies and also helped a number of people getting jobs within gaming industry.

The book consists of details on all main roles within a game development studio, their requirements, typical interview questions, CVs, building your portfolio, working as a freelancer and also establishing your own independent studio, in short all the areas the writers has an experience.

So, if you are dreaming of a career in the gaming industry, this book is extremely helpful for you. It makes you aware of the minute details right from what is a game, a game player and a game designer, a developer, structure of the gaming industry, who make up the game audience, to researching and understanding your role, importance of networking and how to start your own company. Thus it makes the difficult process of understanding the game industry easy for those who want to become successful game industry professionals.

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