League of Legends Skill Shots – Learn & Practice them If You are Passionate

LoL Hoodie 2Though a number of capabilities in League of Legends are kind of “fire and forget”, just an equal number also required some talents with mouse and focus. These talents are many times called skill shots and if you are not practiced in the art, they can be a cause of great frustration for you. However once you get well aware of them, nothing is as pleasing as landing a huge skill shot, throwing out an enemy player in the process. If you are passionate up to the extent of buying and wearing League of Legends hoodies you should learn these tips.

Focus on the Feet

While taking aim for your skill shots, try to focus on feet of the enemy champion. Normally this is the center of the player model and hence will give you greatest odds of landing a hit. While taking aim at flying units, focus on their shadow.

Lead the Target

It takes time for the skill shots to reach their ultimate destination, so you will need to lead the targets. This is perhaps the feature of skill shots that is advantageous to most upon practice, because each skill shot has a unique range and speed. Upload a custom map and attempt to land shots on enemy bots or mobile minions.

Turn Smart Cast Off

If you are a newbie to skill shots, it would be better for you to switch your smart cast off. Upon doing that you can see the range, tragjectory and width of the skill shot enabling you to each of them more accurately.

Understand Your Rival

You can have the best skill of aiming skill shots, but if you don’t understand where your rival is headed, you will not land many. First fully study how your rival moves and responds to the attacks before you unleash your first bombardment. Is their flash down? Do they utilize a skill to jump away? Do they like junking in one direction? Studying your opponent’s tendencies will enable you to fire that shot just where they will be even before they come to know what’s going on.


When you loose a skill shot, beware of the enemy’s position. There is a great spot to capture an enemy between the wall and the tower because there is a very small space to dodge right or left. One more thing to be careful of are minions. A number of skill shots will knock on minions so ensure that the path is clear or your skill may be interrupted.

Stuns/Snares First

If your champion has a stun or other halting ability in addition to the skill shot, make use of that first and that will make your life very much easier. Lux, ziggs and veigar are the examples of these champions.

Have Patience

Have patience while struggling to land skill shots and wait for the mistake committed by the enemy champion. That will save a lot of your frustration and perhaps mana in the process.

If you learn how to regularly and effectively skill shot, there will be a great improvement in your overall game. But you have to give it some time and learn from your mistakes, instead of giving up. That way you will see yourself landing more and more.

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