Making Gold in Guild Wars 2

guild wars 2 goldBelieve it or not, making gold in Guild Wars 2 is quite easy if you go in a proper way. Trading Post tools too play an important role in making you successful in getting Guild Wars 2 gold.

Trading Post

The Black Lion Trading Post is the center of entire economy of Tyria, with lots of gold passing through its doors daily creating unending money-making opportunities. If you seriously want to make gold, you will also spend much of your time there “playing the market” in GW2.

GW2 economy is shared worldwide across the whole game community, with every server in the US and EU accessing the exactly similar Trading Post as you. This means that you compete against the entire playbase – which is indeed a lot of competition!

Basics about Trading Post

It is extremely easy to access the Trading Post! You just have to locate and press the “O” button on the keyboard which will bring you the interface like magic. Or you can visit one of the several Black Lion Trader’s spread around Tyria.

When the interface appears, you can see the first landing page showing some useful information about the top supplied, demanded, traded and valued items in the game. They are important because they are usually profitable to “flip”. But they can even be utterly competitive.

Listing Fee

Posting an item to the Trading Post incurs 5% tax. This is a non-refundable amount even though you remove that item without selling. The purpose behind this is to prevent people from using Trading Post as a limitless bank account and to produce an extra gold sink in the game (removing gold from circulation).

Selling Fee

If your item is sold on Trading Post, you incur 10% tax and the item is automatically removed from the selling price. As this tax is imposed only upon sale, it is not applied if you decide to remove that item.

Useful Trading Post Techniques

Some extremely useful and easy techniques exist to make gold on the Trading Post which are important to learn.

Undercutting – Undercutting means selling your item for a price slightly less than the lowest seller to avoid the queue and appear more discernible to potential buyer. The commonest “undercut” amount is 1 copper coin. Undercutting is a very powerful tool in a competitive market to ensure that you get sale.

Flipping – Flipping means to buy an item on the Trading Post and selling it back quickly (flip) to make a profit. This is a basic but effective technique of making gold on Trading Post and is known as the “bread and butter” method for making gold in most of the MMORPG economies.

Applying these easy techniques and understanding and practicing the basics will make you successful in making gold on Guild Wars 2. Just keep in touch with the advancements, tips and tricks about the various techniques people apply and you will enjoy it.

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