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MinecraftMinecraft is perhaps the most popular game so far in the gaming world. The reason for this is perhaps an individual is more interested in creating rather than destroying! And of course, the ambience in this Mojang creation is simply superb. Whatever you place in that setting, whether it’s a house, a tower, a bridge or ancient ruins, it looks fantastic under the deep blue skies and on the sprawling landscapes. The colors of Minecraft take us literally into a different world from where no one of us wants to return. It is also true that Minecraft gave inspiration to many creative minds because of which some fantastic creations like Minecraft Factions Server, MassiveCraft, came into existence.

MassiveCraft – What is it?

MassiveCraft is an extremely popular PVP and Role-Play Minecraft server. You will find everything happening in the MassiveCraft Universe surrounded by a deep, quaint lore, i.e. the storyline, and what’s amazing about it is it keeps expanding with your in-game decisions.Minecraft

Plugins in MassiveCraft

Cayorion – the extremely talented programmer of MassiveCraft – has developed more than 35 exclusive and customized in-house plugins. As you know Cayorion is world famous for giving rise to one of the most downloaded Minecraft server plugins in the world – Factions Plugin!


Factions – One of the Most Popular Minecraft Plugin

It’s interesting to know about Factions. This is one of the most favorite PvP Bukkit plugins of Minecraft lovers, coded by Cayorion. Cayorion’s server MassiveCraft, of which I will describe later in this article, is the home of the Factions plugin.

Factions is much similar to Survival game mode in Minecraft. Players are thrown out in factions on a generated world having a landscape and secrets like vanilla. But in factions you are permitted to kill others and loot them. However, you might consider it unfair and this is where the concept of Factions steps in. The meaning of factions in today’s society is small groups of people believing in similar concepts of politics. In Minecraft, Factions can be of any size; they are groups of players in one team and work together with an aim to become the best. In each of the Factions, with the needed minimum, you have the right to protect the territory that you occupy. However, Factions does not only concern Survival with PvP, but it’s a combat. Your Faction can be easily found by other Factions. If these other Factions are considerably stronger, they can defeat you. So, here you need to learn how to survive and become the top.


Basic Things to Learn

First of all, you should know what is going on around you so as to have fun and ultimately attain the top position. You can create your own faction first by doing the command /f create <FactionName>. Next you should create the description of your faction which you can always edit in the future. It should tell a little about you and other players in your faction. You can create the description by giving the command /f desc <Description>

If you keep your faction open, anyone can join if they want. If you keep it closed, it requires an invitation. But all in all, keeping a faction open is not recommended.

Of course, you can be a solo player. But it is strongly non-recommended. So, better invite others by giving the command /f invite <PlayerName>. But be careful to know everything about the players you want to invite in order to confirm whether they are trustworthy. If you come to know that the person you have invited is wrong, quickly type in /f deinvite <PlayerName> before they accept. This is because, a dishonest person can grab all your possessions, when you are offline and leave.

If you want to join someone else’s faction, type in /f join <FactionName>.

what is factions

3 Types of Players

Each Faction has 3 types of players – Admin – the creator having all governing commands, Faction Moderators – who also share many of those commands and Normal Players – who don’t have those special commands. If the admin of the faction wants to give up their ownership, they can give a command /f admin<PlayerName>. Moderators have the right to do some of commands like claiming land and inviting players. You can select your moderators with the command /f mod<PlayerName>. You should choose the moderators carefully as they can unclaim all your protected land and give it to your enemy. The body of the faction is made by normal players. They have access to the protected lands of the faction. By default, all the new players who join your faction are normal players.

Have Fun by Giving Titles to Your Members

Giving titles to your members is a fun activity. Titles can be set by Admins and Moderators for themselves as well as to other players. For this, type in /f title <PlayerName><Title>.

freinds having Minecraft fun with MassiveCraft

What to Do if You Want to Restart?

It may happen that your faction has become terrible or not getting any success. In that case, you may want to restart. For this, give in the command /f disband. This will delete your faction. If you just want to leave it to others, types /f leave. If you only want to kick out a player you don’t like, type in /f kick<PlayerName>.

Exclusive Experience of MassiveCraft

MassiveCraft is the creation of the main developers of the plugin Factions. Factions has a number of fun features that are extremely popular among Minecraft players. As described above, Factions enables players to create factions or guilds, claim their lands that will be protected from players that are not the members of the faction and factions can create alliances and announce themselves as rivals of others.

At MassiveCraft, you will experience a never-before community. Here new and old players come together to learn new things from each other, get ready to accomplish goals together and above all, enjoy together!

The difference between MassiveCraft and most other servers is MassiveCraft has several communities that are working together and flourishing in harmony which is hardly seen in other servers. They work together, get success and have fun, in addition to making new friends that they wouldn’t have imagined ever of meeting.Minecraft 3

So, what do you think? Do you too want to join the constantly growing fun community of MassiveCraft? You can do it easily. Let’s learn how.

How to Start?

  • Use the very suitable MassiveCraft Medieval Texture Pack for a quick start.
  • Determine a set of qualities of your character. What are you? A human? A dwarf? An elf? Define your own specific strengths and weaknesses with the help of MassiveCraft’s custom plugin, MassiveTraits.
  • Next, get a medieval fantasy skin suited to that race. A perfectly suitable skin enhances the role playing experience for anyone.
  • Now read the rules. Though they are mostly common sense, rules help you anytime if you are thorough with them.
  • Next, join a faction on the server. The gameplay is fairly faction-centric. You should join one if you want to experience the real fun.
  • Now become known into the RP universe and create your destiny – your profession, the goal of your character and so on.

Here are some of the most popular and fun features that you can get on MassiveCraft!


MassiveMobs is now enabled on all maps of MassiveCraft. This is a unique custom plugin developed at MassiveCraft – a new PvE monster generator Cayorion has coded for MassiveCraft only.

With MassiveMobs you no longer have to have any boring default mobs. Instead, MassiveMobs will spawn custom mobs for you. It has hundreds of exciting mobs that offer a diverse PvE experience. You can even find naturally spawning bosses.

You can tame both monsters as well as animals with the custom taming systems of MassiveMobs. You can also equip your faithful warrior with gear you like and toggle if you wish that it should follow you everywhere and assist you in combats.

massive mobs


Exclusively created for MassiveCraft, MassiveChat is one of the many exciting custom plugins. It features rich chat channels, mailing system and message system. It has even a fun emote system that produces sound as well as particle effects.


TeamSpeak Voice Chat

MassiveCraft uses the latest version of TeamSpeak for voice chat. It is used by many players for meeting new friends, coordinating faction activities and more! After all, a big difference is made by voice while exploring new continents.

teamspeak voice chat


Premium members of MassiveCraft can use CreativeGates plugin which allows them to build portals easily.

creative gates


This too is available to premium members and allows you to wear any block as a hat.



With the in-game currency MassiveMoney, you can trade with others, buy goods from chest shops and even can open your own store and become rich!


Backpack and Workbench

Premium members of MassiveCraft can access their huge backpack and portable workbench anytime with commands /bp and /wb respectively. The backpack features 54 slots of additional inventory.

backpack and workbench

Custom Recipes

MassiveCraft works for all standard recipes, but you can also have some custom recipes exclusively on MassiveCraft.

custom recipes

CraftBook Mechanics

The following CraftBook Mechanics has been enabled on MassiveCraft:

  • Better leads
  • Chairs
  • Painting switcher
  • Ammeter
  • Sign copier
  • Footprints
  • LightStone

craftbook mechanics


This nice-looking gate can be turned into a fully-working portcullis with only some redstone dust and a few fences!


And there are a lot more!

So, what are you waiting for? Enter the amazing world of MassiveCraft and experience the true fun of MineCraft with its exclusive features!

Watch this amazing MassiveCraft trailer!

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