Minecraft Seeds Let You Enjoy Minecraft More Than Ever

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building 1Minecraft seeds play an important part in Minecraft. Whenever you form a new world in Minecraft, it will be given a random and specific number which is called Minecraft seed. It is like a barcode for saves of the game, and enables players to share with other players the awesome worlds they have found. However if a change is made to the world by the player, it won’t be shown in a newly formed seed. Visit MinecraftSeedsList.org for numerous cool Minecraft seeds.

It is not necessary that you will spawn in the same location always for every seed; sometimes it is also possible that you will spawn in random locations of the same world. When a major new patch emerges for Minecraft, every seed is normally changed in some manner and therefore a seed formed in version 1.1 may not be similar to that in version 1.2. MinecraftSeedsList.org has extremely interesting seeds containing fancy diamonds, villages, jungles, desert temples, mushroom biome islands, survival islands, giang mountain, hollow mountains, blacksmiths, epic large mountains, swamp biomes, blue caves, waterfalls, and what not!


Remember the following points:

  • Remember that the seed IDs are case sensitive. Ensure always that you copy them correctly.
  • If you want to know the ID of a seed during in-game, type /seed in the chat bar and enter.
  • While forming a new seed, ensure that the “Generate Structures” button is on, otherwise temples, dungeons or villages won’t spawn on the map.
  • Desert villages, jungle temples and desert temples spawn only in version 1.2 and beyond, because they were added to the game first at this level.
  • Versions 1.3 to 1.5 will possibly have the same seeds.
  • To form a custom seed, enter the single player world selection at the game’s main menu, and click the “Create New World” option.
  • Click “More World Options” on this screen and then you can enter your custom Minecraft seed.

swamp biome

In this article, we have given some fantastic Minecraft seeds from MinecraftSeedsList.org. You are sure to enjoy them.

building with swimming pool

Minecraft seeds can offer you a lot in-game. Minecraft is like a blank slate and you can create objects and dig for items. Items found while digging can be used for creating other structures like windows and walls. You can farm vegetables and rear animals which will give you food and other things like cloth and wool, just like in a real world. You need imagination to create items from things you find and here MinecraftSeedsList.org helps you. You can also enjoy Minecraft by exploring new lands. The game also features various weather conditions like sunshine, snow and rains, and also there are days and nights and you can play in both. What’s more, for adventurous players there are battles and zombies, and you are to protect your house from them.

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mountain range

MinecraftSeedsList.org gives you full enjoyment of Minecraft by providing you lots of seeds that will help you out. You can download these seeds from MinecraftSeedsList.org website to add to your game. You can also find them while farming on your land. You can use your hoe to cut down flowers and dig out grass to get seeds in the game. They will help you either way.building 2


MinecraftSeedsList.org also has ideas and Minecraft games. You will find ways to plant other items, spawn, various places to build and various terrains so that you can explore and build structures.

MinecraftSeedsList.org also has various fun skins for you character like animal skins, fire skins, military skins, and many more.


In any way you want to play Minecraft, MinecraftSeedsList.org will let you enjoy the game to the fullest by providing various in-game facilities which you can download from the website. So, visit MinecraftSeedsList.org and enjoy Minecraft more than ever!

house with steps

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