Modded Controllers – Reach a Super Level of Gaming

CARBN__01_Xbox_Modded_Controller_ Console gaming is a favorite pastime of many gamers and modded controllers are the most preferred tool for a competitive gamer. A custom modded controller having a rapid fire mod can make a pistol with ease in a first-person-shooter fire as swiftly as a fully automatic rifle. A modded controller is chosen by many gamers because it gives an experience which a standard controller cannot. is a fantastic website which offers a wide range of rapid fire modded controllers, each offering a unique design and style. Gamers Option will place you on an even playing field and are 100% undetectable in your beloved FPS game.

Rapid Fire Mod

The Rapid Fire Mod is the most popular modification. Modded controllers having this add-on get the power to fast depress a button without pressing it physically. All you have to do is to hold the concerned button down and the controller does the job for you.


This is mostly applied for games that include button-mashing, like pistols in action-adventure and shooter games. E.g. God of War and its many duplicates normally involve quick-time-event sequence in which the player needs to bash a button to destroy Kratos’ enemies. In shooters, this enables people to fire off their pistols without having to sacrifice on precision.


Practical Benefits

Modded controllers have many other practical benefits. Normal controllers have buttons that aren’t easily pressed by fingers and the controller can be damaged quickly over time. Other controllers would undergo extreme stress due to repeated misuse. A rapid fire mod surely prolongs the lifespan of the controller.Light_Up_Joysticks_Xbox_360_Modded_Controller


Aesthetic Appeal

Modded controllers can even be made aesthetically appealing. Common controllers are either white or black and look ordinary. You can make your own modded controller with any color you want which makes the controller unique to the user. What’s more, you can also add pictures of classic art or even your favorite characters to customize it more.



The mods also increase captivation, because modded controllers are with the “tilt” or motion sensitive conftrollers. In racing games of fight-sim a custom modded controller can enable people to control their vehicle as if the controller is a steering wheel. This adds a great fun factor to the game.


Gamers who don’t mod their controllers are definitely missing a unique and fantastic gaming experience. Rather than having a basic workable controller, they can have a much sophisticated controller with a few easy modifications. With, it is super easy to mod your controller. Players can write their own code and program their own mod chips. Gamers Option also offer you a wide range of buttons, D-pads, triggers, joysticks, bumpers and headphone pads, which you can add to your controller on your own without any difficulty and have it running within a few minutes with no soldering required. So take advantage of modded controllers and reach a super level of gaming.

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