Omni Treadmill – Video Games with Exercising

omni tredmillHave you heard of entertainment during exercising? If not, be prepared for it, because you can get a gaming treadmill, umm…. not now but in 2014’s March! But you can place a pre-order for it. We are talking about Virtuix’s Omni Treadmill! So, this is going to open a new way for you to shoot digital characters with your little in-home P90X.

Omni Treadmill will be released in March 2014. But the company is accepting preorders officially for $499 for “single” or $1,019 for “dual” interactions of the device.

How Does Omni Look?

When you will look at Omni Treadmill, you might get the feeling of the stands of the 1990s one might enter into for virtual reality gaming sessions. A huge platform of 48-inch diameter of Omni has two arms which extend upward to form a ring of 20” diameter in its center. The ring is meant for holding your torso in place, or you can say, it prevents you from flying off from the device.

The platform might be static, but it needs you to move your legs in all directions so that Omni can sense where you are trying to run or walk. The device can also detect game-specific actions like crouching or jumping, and also strafing – a benefit for majority of first-person-shooter gamers.

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Rift virtual reality headset by Oculus VR which you can get with the treadmill is a perfect complement.Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus VR is the same company which just roped in gaming conjurer, John Carmack as the chief technology officer of the company. However the headset is not a part of the expensive package of Omni. The “single” model of $499 value brings you only an Omni treadmill, a support harness (size specified by you) and a pair of Omni-specific shoes that have a sole with low friction with a complex sole configuration which stabilizes the foot, facilitating a steady gait, instead of having the foot slipped from left to right.

Difference between “Single” and “Dual” Omni

There are two differences between single and dual Omni. Firstly, dual Omni has an additional Omni and harness and secondly, it also has an upgrading to 3 total pairs of Omni-specific shoes.  Apparently, the dual Omni is meant for pretty wealthy gamers who might have significantly large living rooms and have standing invitations to their friends for a more realistic fragging session.

Expect an Additional Shipping Cost

Expect to pay an extra $60 to $90 for shipping of “single” Omni (This is for North American gamers only; international purchasers can expect to pay still more.)

Virtuix has also lured eager gamers that it might try to offer the treadmills at local distribution centers or dedicated ‘pickup events’ that way saving a little cash of the purchasers.omni tredmill

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