PS4 vs Xbox One – The Biggest Debate of Today

ps4 vs xbox oneThe biggest debate these days in the gaming market seems to be PS4 vs Xbox One. This is probably because both the companies have announced the launch of their gaming consoles with an intention of presenting them as much more than just platforms for playing video games. The consoles are not just game consoles but are all-in-one machines with all capabilities as entirely functional as a computer; thus they will make you watch as well as stream movies, listen to songs, watch cable, Skype and countless other things.

However, the job of both the companies, Sony and Microsoft, is still not over. They have to convince the customers yet why they should spend 4 to 5 hundred dollars on new hardware, along with sixty bucks each on the new software item. This is because there seems no particular reason to upgrade when compared to previous cycles, which brought 3D, DVDs and HD to customers.

PS4 will be for $399, while Xbox One will be for $499 at launch.


Both the consoles have eight core processors with 1.6 GHz frequency, Blu-ray drives and custom AMD graphics processors. Both the machines are available in black color.

Plus Points of One over the Other

Both the consoles have some points better or worse than the other, such as:

  • Xbox One will have a modernized version of Kinect which will work more efficiently in darker rooms and will catch six people at the most. It will also understand when you are stressed or out of breath.
  • Because of the 18 CU (Compute Units) of processing power, PS4 will have a bit better graphics in the light and shade departments in comparison with the 12 CU of Xbox One.
  • A major difference between the two is the way they take up online and used gaming. Xbox One will need continuous internet access and can only be played with, without internet for 24 hours after which the gamer will be locked out.

Another feature of Xbox One is it allows the game developer to stop gamers from purchasing used games. This makes sense for the developers as well as for Microsoft, as both won’t make any profit of the used games sale. If the games are set up by registering to the Xbox, they can be playable for one or two gamers. In short, sharing games won’t be possible except a permanent switch is made.

Many people are unhappy with this policy and have expressed their distress on social media sites.

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