Summoners Con – An Exclusive Opportunity for LoL Fans

summoners-con iconIf you are a League of Legends player, you have enjoyed playing game with other players only online till now. But do you want to meet your opponents in person? Do you keep wondering who is there on the other side, and is it really a human or some bot? Have you strongly wished to meet them? Now you will get answers to all your questions and your wish to meet the LoL community will be fulfilled! How? A League of Legends Convention is going to be held on 1st November 2014 with the name Summoners Con, where you can spend a fun day!

Yes! Isn’t it a fantastic idea that the fans of a world-famous game will be meeting in real life? Of course, you may meet your friends too in addition to strangers, and that will be even more fun. The Convention is focused on LoL and there will be many events to keep you engaged like live music performances, meeting proficient LoL players, community art showcase, and above all, League Cosplay!

Where will Summoners Con be Held?

Summoners Con will be held at the beautiful hotel Marriott Burbank Airport in the Los Angeles area. This lovely hotel has plenty of space and organizers have secured a low rate for the convention, i.e. $139 per night! The hotel is equipped with perhaps everything which will entice you, like awesome pools, fitness center, and more.

Summoners Con

Who are the Organizers?

The organizers of the event are Cat Valdes and Kevin Khandijan. Both of them are crazy fans of LoL and wanted to hold an event which is more focused on the game and communications between pro and casual players. This idea came to Cat’s mind which he shared with his friend Kevin who specializes in conducting huge events which the latter loved so much that he at once started to prepare actively with Cat for the convention.

Entry Fee & Tickets

They have announced Early Bird price for registration at the Convention and it is only $49.

Tickets are of two types, Standard Ticket and Challenger Ticket. Through Standard Ticket, you can access the Expo Hall, community art exhibitions, discussions on the main stage and even performances and meetups with pros. If you buy the Challenger Ticket, you will get all this, plus the ticket will offer you access to exclusive sessions about each role, where you can listen to what pros say and learn about your lane.

Special Guests

You will be excited to hear that there will be some special guests at the event, like Team Curse, Cloud9, Team Dignitas, Lily Ki (LilyPichu), Counter Logic Gaming, Jonas (Spazie), League of Legends Parody Band and Instalok! You can keep yourself updated by logging into

So, if you are eager to meet other LoL players, of all levels – from newbie to pros – and have fun talks, discussions, entertainment, and lots to learn about this wonderful game, Summoners Con is a perfect occasion for you.


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