Surefire Way to Get a Video Game Tester’s Job

video game testing jobThe job of a video game tester being the dream job of innumerable people, getting it is not that easy. This is because, for the employer, your job application is just one amongst a high pile of other applications. If you want to grab the job, your application should stand out from others. Just dreaming of making big money, to play video games and get paid, just sitting comfortably in your chair, with your console in hand and doing what you love the most, i.e. playing games, is easy. But trying and planning strategically for getting the job is what you should do to make that dream come true.

Making Your Resume Stand Out

Your resume is just one amongst others. The employers don’t have much time to look at it, because they have to look at many others. So, how will you make your resume stand out, so that the employers’ attention gets attracted? You can mention something in your resume like “I am a professional game tester and can do this job proficiently”. You can also mention your education, experience, etc which you think, can be noteworthy. Mentioning any special skill like knowledge of MMORPG and console gaming can also be useful.

Find the Jobs

Take the help of our old friend, Google, to find game testing jobs. There are many websites giving information of game tester jobs for free. You can thus get the contact information of the employers. There are many other websites too, which have a long list and contact information of employers. You can register with them and find jobs constantly.

Experience Matters

In your application, don’t forget to mention how many video games and consoles you have and how much time you spend in gaming. In case of other jobs, this is wastage of time, but ironically for a video game tester’s job, this counts as a valuable experience!

Do the Job Seriously

If you get a job, be present there on time and listen to all instructions carefully. It is important that you know exactly what type of report and feedback the company expects from you.

If you haven’t got any response from the employer, understand that there are many job-seekers waiting for the same position. In that case, consider to enhance your skill, experience or education, which can increase the chances for you to get a call back.

Do the Job Well

Doing your job well consecutively is important for the job of video game tester. If you do it well, you will constantly get new contracts. Keep improving your language skill which will help you in writing reports. Make sure that you complete and submit reports on time. While enjoying the games, don’t forget to be disciplined and punctual.

Once you complete your first assignment successfully and get the paycheck, you may be excited and go partying. But this is the time for submitting applications for next jobs, with the experience of successful completion of game testing mentioned in your resume. With time, you will build up a pretty impressive resume, which will bring you more and more contracts, and increased payment.

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