The Crew – A Dream Ride for Car Fanatics

car-racing gameThe Crew is the new outstanding action-driving game exclusively created for next-generation consoles. It offers the experience of a reckless ride inside an enormous open-world environment of the United States. It is the most diverse driving venture of all times. The Crew bucks will help you to progress in this adventurous ride.


You can ride relentlessly through the 510s – a gang developed around the illegal racing scene of Detroit, thus creating a reputation for yourself on the underground car racing scene and finally taking their activities throughout the US. You can also navigate through the lively New York City streets to drop the cops, trek through the stunning plateaus of Monument Valley or cruise down the sunbathed Miami Beach. Each setting brings you a new array of surprises and challenges to win over. Also you encounter other players in the journey – all worthy buddies to team up with or potential rivals to compete against.


You are Never Alone

It’s a live world of car fanatics, where you are never alone. There is someone behind or next to you always – to compete with or against you. Jumping seamlessly in and out of the game of each other is fun. There are so many challenges to overcome – evade the downtown Chicago’s police patrols, or drive down an opponent party driver over Vegas Strip, or face a rival team of the beachfront highways of Florida. You can make new meets, cooperate with friends, and win over their achievements after they go. You can create your crew of four car riders and go on an enthralling ride across the United States.


All Thrills of Driving

In The Crew, the whole USA is your playground for driving, dealing with thousands of square miles, from downtown to neighborhoods, county to county, coasts to summits, and state to state. It makes you know what freedom indeed means, with no barriers to limit your car, in a world of extraordinary scope and full of thrilling challenges. You get a chance to hunt the final Colorado collectible within the snow-clad Aspen peaks, tread opponent teams in illegal Detroit street races, beat all on the race track, or chase a target in the Los Angeles water drains. It’s the most open, exciting and diverse driving after all!

breaking fences

The Next Generation Driving

The Crew offers an exclusively developed hardware for the next generation consoles, which comes with a huge open world edition of the United States, reproduced with fantastic graphics and standard of details. It’s a world wherein any type of driving can be fancied – cross-country, street, circuit and dirt. It’s a world full of life, energy and challenges that keeps you amused throughout. You can experience the thrill on Android and iOS tablets. You can track the performances of your friends and beat their scores. You can also play with your ride and tinker it live to create new records.

meadow and trees

Get New Cars and Customize Them

You can earn new automobiles and customize them, as per your choice and driving preferences. You can gather performance and cosmetic parts – liveries, bumpers, stickers, rims, hoods, wings and skirts – to make your car distinguished and venture in any terrain – snow, dirt, asphalt, sand or grass. Plus, wherever you go you meet a friend to show your car off and more rivals to beat!


The Crew is a perfect game for those who dream of traveling across the United States without any restrictions and at their own will – experiencing the real meaning of freedom!

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