Top 10 Funny Games to Kill Boredom

funny gamesWhat do you do when you are bored? Maybe watch TV, or read a book? Do you play games to kill boredom? If not, try it. Today there are lots of games on the internet which you can play for free. People even play games as their profession. But you can play them as a pastime. Games increase mental ability and concentration, refresh you and elevate mood. Here are top 10 online funny games for you which you can try when there is nothing to do and you are bored to hell!

1. Snow Ball Fight

This is an exciting battle game wherein you are to battle your way to snowball supremacy. You have to choose from various teams and proceed by unleashing special attacks to prove that you are the best snowbrawler.

2. Mario Forever

This colorful platformer game you play in the Mario Universe. Evil King Browser Koopa has once again captured Princess Toadstool and now it is your Mario duty to release her by beating the villain king once and for all!

3. Candy Crush

This game is spreading like a wildfire on internet and why not? Everyone likes candies! Candy Crush Saga is a limited time game, so you’ll have to hurry before they stop the developers from using candies in their games. Play through thousands of candy colored matches and build up massive power ups and get some crazy explosions.

4. Monkey Island

This is an utmost captivating puzzle game. You can try to fit pieces of land together to save the monkey from getting trapped on the island.

5. Hangaroo

This is a combination of hangman and Wheel of Fortune – a word puzzle. The game has several different categories and you have to choose one at random to start with. If you don’t solve the puzzle the kangaroo hangs.

6. Crappy Bird

Crappy Bird is a cool skill game that can make you addictive. You can compete with family and friends and set a new highest score every time to become the number one player of Crappy Bird.

7. Funky Track

Race a big monster truck for hours climbing up hills and leaping over bumps, and achieve extra points for racing in “style”. A slightest touch can make you stay on your wheels or flip you on your hood.

8. Trivia Machine

With Trivia Machine, you can test your knowledge. This is a Minicip’s version of trivial pursuit. Choose among various categories like history, movies and music and three levels of skills – elementary, scholar and genius.

9. Beetle Buggin

This cool game features a small VW bug which you have to navigate over a messy desk. This game is great for office.

10. Tom and Jerry Steal Cheese

This is an utmost entertaining game for anyone. On its face, it looks simple, but as you play along it becomes very complex at times. Unlike other Tom and Jerry games, wherein the cat tries to capture and hurt the mouse, here you will find it using the mouse to play the game.

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