Top 5 Minecraft Mini Games

minecraft mini gamesMinecraft is a wonderful game best played when with friends, but with thorough Minecraft knowledge and team work, it can be beaten in only a few hours. Therefore, to make servers lively, birth of mini games took place. With some plugins that allows you to use multiple words, you can get all sorts of co-existing Minecraft Mini Game w/ Facecam – CRANKED! And they help promote overall server attraction. Here are top 5 of these games which will add colors to your server!

Mob Arena

Mob Arena is a renowned gladiator-type mini game wherein a player or a team is sent inside an arena dome to fight with a hostile crowd for survival. Same as the old Roman entertainment, this kind of mini game tends to lure a huge crowd to big servers.

minecraft mini games

Hunger Games

Based on Hunger Games Triology, Hunger Game, the mini game, sends dozens of gamers into an unfamiliar, uninhabited land full of traps and scattered resources to battle each other in a death contest. The goal is to be the last team or man standing with no other particular rules. Gamers can create alliances, cheat other players, form traps and ambushes, and use other plans to ensure victory, thus making it one of the most exciting mini games in Minecraft.

Hunger Games

Speed Building

Speed Build or Speed Building needs at least 3 players – one for every team and one referee. The rules are simple. The referee tells all the teams to build something big in a desired time (mostly 30 minutes) without watching the opposition’s creation (mostly with a big wall in between). When time’s up, the walls between the teams will break and it will be decided which of the creations is the best. The rules are often modified to involve player changing, mod assisted games, and more.

speed build

Capture the Flag

CTF or Capture the Flag is a very extensive and generalized mini game with actually hundreds of variations which include even Team Fortress style. This famous mini game variety is present in nearly all big servers. Because of its versatility, it can be modified to use different CTF plugins.

capture the flag


Spleef is a famous player-discovered game wherein gamers’ goal is to be the last man standing. Gamers will stand on a distinct, highly elevated arena where they break the podium on which other gamers stand, in the hope of making them slip and fall. This game is highly addictive and competitive, and is best played in Vanilla Minecraft. It has several variations too, like TnT-bow spleef.


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