Top 6 Tips for Grand Theft Auto 5

logo of Grand_TheftThe Rockstar games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 qualified to be one of the best games in 2013,a deep multiplayer mode, an epic adventure with hours’ worth of gameplay and surprises around every corner.

Below are the essential tips that can help you get the most of the game whether you just feel like goofing off with a jumbo jet or you are letting your gun do the talking.

1. Watch yourself while attacking security truck

It may look like the best way to cut and run with some money by robbing a security truck especially when it is compared to elaborate heists. However, you need to prepare for trouble when breaking into one. Keep your gun on standby immediately after setting off the sticky bomb that will open the truck, and prepare for opposition from both the drivers and nearby police. After you have taken care of them, you need to grab what you can and hit the road but don’t stick on the crime scene or else you will have to pay for it later. For discount on games, you can check websites like retailmenot, rebateszone etc.

2. It rewards to help your fellow man

Once you come across a bike thief, you need to take them out and return the vehicle to the owner. You can get a simple thank you but at times you can get a wealthy CEO who will line your pockets with $100,000 in stock as a result.

3. Maximize out your weapons

For you to get the most from your fire arms, you will want to level them up as soon as possible. This will improve their accuracy, firing and bullet capabilities which can make all the difference when it comes to gun battles.

4. Kill your opponents fast with a head shot

A head shot is the best kind of shot to take when killing adversaries because you can hit them in the leg or arm though this does not mean they are down for the count. You should try to line up your shot and take it as this guarantee their quick demise and will save you a headache when ending the gun fight.

5. Only use the secondary driving camera only when necessary

You might be tempted to use an alternate follow camera angle when pursuing someone which takes your eyes off the main road and concentrates on where your target may be heading. This can be a recipe for disaster because it takes your eyes off the road and if you are not careful you may end up colliding with a solid wall, passerby traffic, distancing your follow target even further. Always stay in the tail and only use the follow camera when you absolutely have to, so it can help you survive longer.

6. Nail the landing with your car

Use the left analog stick when you come off a big jump to twist your vehicle around so that you can land as cleanly as possible. You may be tempted to perform a mid-air stunt but still, you can leave yourself open for a disastrous wreck.

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