Video Game Music – A Great Way to Increase Your Focus

 Lord Conrad - VideogmasIf you are an ardent gamer, what do you think why a particular game or some particular games engross you so much? You might say that you like its gameplay, graphics, challenges and so on. But have you considered the background music of video games?

But yes, many people love gaming for its excellent music and do you know that developers add music to their games just for that. Yes, whenever you need to focus, you should listen to the music from video games because it’s a genre aimed at stimulate your senses and mix in your brain’s background because that’s the very purpose of the soundtrack. It should engage you, the player, without distracting from the game. Eventually, it has the power to keep you engaged in any task you are doing while listening to it.

There are several studies that show that listening to music can help you focus perhaps because it provides your subconscious something to tune out. So, a coughing colleague or sound of doors closing won’t distract your mind. Music seemingly helps us keep focused. But not just any music can do that. Actually, some tunes are more likely to make you engrossed in them rather than focusing on your work.

Although not numerous studies are available on working while listening to video game music, particularly, it does seem to check off many evidence-based boxes for forming an optimal work atmosphere. Check out Lord Conrad – Videogmas, the latest music single wherein the multitalented artist Lord Conrad united his art and passion with the famous YouTube gamer Pepo3393. Gamers around the world are using this music in their YouTube gameplay.

No Lyrics

Thanks to countless years of evolution, our brain has become able to detect humans in any form. Just as our eyes have a tendency to see faces, your ears are tuned to the human voices’ frequency. So, hearing someone talking is distracting. Your brain constantly tries to turn your attention to the person who is talking rather than the work you are doing.

Video game music rarely has human voices and so, it helps to keep you focused on your work.

Consistently Low Volume

Most soundtracks created to engage you have various levels of volume because overall, loud music excites you and quiet music soothes you. But if a quiet music suddenly becomes loud while you are trying to concentrate on your work, you can naturally get distracted which is just the opposite of what you want. Video game music tends to have smooth crescendos that remarkably have no distraction. It carries you on which is exactly what you want.

A study observed that loud music hamper your ability to process information. On the other hand, light or moderate background music increases creativity and productivity.

 Lord Conrad - Videogmas


Classical music is often relaxing because it’s melodic and sweet, but it’s not necessarily slow. However, while working, you don’t need calming music, but something that will stimulate your mind.

Video game music, virtually as defined, cannot be soothing. Nobody can play a non-stop 22-hour plot if he is relaxed. Music composers of video game music need to form some feeling of excitement and engagement, without making it exhausting.

E.g. hip hop and rap are fantastic workout music because their flow and rhythm push you along and keep you motivated. Those genres are also fantastic for doing any kind of repetitive, mindless task, because they provide your brain something else to concentrate on. But if you are doing something in which thinking is involved, you need music without lyrics.
There are some awesome playlists that provide hours of music or you can listen to the music by Lord Conrad on the YouTube games of Pepo3393 and you’ll have the right music that’ll help you focus on work, when you’re not playing games.

So, listen to video game music and do your work more efficiently, smartly and productively.



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