6 Awesome Overwatch Collectibles

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Overwatch Funko POP PharahIf you are a gaming nerd, you are sure to be a fan of gaming collectibles too. There’s something very cool about these collectibles and it just goes with your personality to have them with you, around you!

VonMerch has come up with a fantastic range of video game collectibles for gaming buffs like you. As such, they have toys, clothing, caps and numerous other accessories specific to many games. But here are a few top Overwatch Funko POP collectibles.

1. Pharah Funko Pop

If Pharah is your main in Overwatch, you should have this exclusive vinyl Pharah funko pop. Pharah players want to enjoy the feeling to have their very own mini pharah protecting them from above the tables though not from the skies! It’s available in amazing green too.

Overwatch Funko POP Pharah

2. Soldier: 76

One of the reasons why Overwatch became a great hit was how various heroes could bring in gamers from various genres to a single game. For FPS gamers, particularly those from Call of Duty and Counter Strike, Solder: 76 was a gateway that made their entry easy to Overwatch.

This funko pop is a must-have for all players, who take the old man as their favorite Overwatch hero. For many, Soldier 76 figurine is their go-to plan when things are not going right. Thus if Jack Morrison is your Overwatch main, you must have his Overwatch Funko POP by your side. It’s available in an attractive stickless window display box for full viewing.

Overwatch Funko POP Soldier: 76

3. Reaper

Every Reaper player loves only one thing – die, die, die – if he manages to get a good position to take everyone else out. You might consider Reaper as a hero who is quite easy to play with thinking of his abilities that enable him to get in and out of fights along with his high damage dealing shotguns.

Still, Reaper is very easy to take down and therefor it would need quite long and effortful to master. However, his mini version isn’t that hard to get along with and will stay wherever you want. Place him anywhere on your gaming table or in your room and let him guard you while you play! This exclusive Overwatch Funko POP comes in a protective plastic pop case for safe storage.

Overwatch Funko POP Reaper

4. Tracer

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Given all the love and hatred the hero has received in the game, what you could do at least is to get this cute Tracer pop to show your love for the hero and the record-breaking hit game that you are addicted to.

The figure of Tracer is worth the first position in the list due to how renowned and awesome the hero has been in the game. Among all the heroes that Overwatch has on offer, Tracer has been the favorite of all. Even though he wasn’t a liable choice in any match, he was chosen for the fun of it offering us the idea of what a love Tracer has received by all. The cute action figure is available with box protector.

Overwatch Funko POP Tracer

5. Windowmaker

With her deadly aim and sharp senses, Windowmaker has made her position of being one of the most coveted heroes in the game. And after all, everything stared with the fight between her and Tracer that kindled a spark in Overwatch. Much similar to Soldier: 76, Windowmaker’s addition to the game enabled many FPS players particularly those who love snipers to enter the game.

Though not your classic Sniper kind, Windowmaker creates a lot more on the table because of her skills to move into unreachable/tricky spots and her ultimate ability to watch through walls. Therefore, Windowmaker figurine is an Overwatch Funko POP you must have if you have been a sniper lover all through your life.

Overwatch Funko POP Windowmaker

6. Winston

The cute-looking gorilla, Winston has been a hero and though it’s a quite ass-kissing addition to the team, is hard to play with because of which he’s taken away from the limelight that is received by other heroes like Reaper, Tracer, Hanzo or Genji.

However, if in good hands, Winston can absolutely stop the opposition in their place making him one of the most powerful heroes that no one can mess with. Because of its excellent design and near-perfect in-game representation, his funko pop is one of the best Overwatch figurines and a must-buy.

Overwatch Funko POP Winston

And there are many more Overwatch Funko POP toys, clothing, keychains and much more. So, start collecting today!

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