Great Tips for Buying Xbox and Xbox 360 Controllers

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Gold Chrome Purple Custom Xbox 360 ControllerIf you head on to shop for controller for your Xbox or Xbox 360 game console, you will get an extensive range of options. Plus, Xbox 360 controller is well-suited to Windows PCs. Still, you should understand that original Xbox and Xbox 360 controllers don’t suit each other’s consoles. Microsoft features a variety of themes and colors for their brand Xbox 360 controller, while third-party providers feature even broader array of controller styles and attractive designs. Modified or modded controllers offer even more options in designs and performance and they too are widely available to gamers who are in search of greater competitive potential and personalization in a controller. So, whether you have any type of choice, a wide variety of Xbox and Xbox 360 controllers are available on the market with at least one to suit you.

Xbox 360 Controllers

As a part of their package, Xbox 360 console includes a controller; however, several other styles and types are available too to those who are in search of personalized coloring and upgraded functionality or those who plan to play with many other gamers. There are many third-party and aftermarket companies that provide wired controllers matching with Xbox 360 consoles and many other companies manufacture modified versions of wireless controllers of Microsoft that feature additional functions and thereby increased performance for various genres of games.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Limited Edition Controller

Button Layout of Xbox 360 Controller

Both the wireless and wired versions of the regular Microsoft Xbox 360 controller feature a similar digital button layout, although the wireless version features a couple of extra buttons: one of them for opening a latch to remove the battery pack from the bottom of the controller and the other is a “connecting” button for helping synchronization of controller with the console.

The 11-button layout of the controller has two analog triggers and two analog thumbsticks. The triggers feature potentiometers to offer proportional control and changeable input. Meaning of this is the player can start more gradual or more swift adjustments in aim or throttle, instead of being restricted by plain on and off commands within gameplay. For instance, the deeper the trigger is pressed, the more throttle is offered to the vehicle. So also, the more the analog thumbstick is dragged away from center, the quicker the movement of the targeting reticle. Besides this, you can “click in” both analog thumbsticks by depressing the stick a bit into the controller by giving pressure on its top, so as to click the button below. These enhancements allow the gamer to control a game much more accurately.

In addition to triggers and thumbsticks, the Xbox 360 controller also has right and left “shoulder” or bumper buttons, a “Guide” button, a “Black” button, a directional pad, a “Start” button, four colored buttons with letters “A”, “B”, “X” and “Y” and the logo of Xbox. The “Guide” button works as an on/off button for the console as well as controller, and it also activates the Guide menu of Xbox 360. This button has a ring of green lights around it split into four quadrants, meant for indicating the screen portion of the player when you play split-screen matches, and also the controller number. Moreover they provide notifications by flashing.

red camo


The standard Microsoft Xbox 360 controller comes in black and white, though there are many colors and combinations available, like basic colors, metallic or chrome colors and also unique color schemes launched as Limited Editions or special editions.

“Shell” or “skin” colors are economical options for Xbox 360 controller which are applied to the outside of the controller casing. These skins are useful to protect and maintain the controller’s condition and at the same time to offer an aesthetic appeal.

chrome purple shell

Xbox 360 Controllers by Third-party Companies

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There are many third-party companies that design and manufacture controllers for Xbox 360, although the wireless signal of Xbox 360 is proprietary and Microsoft doesn’t permit other companies to access the technology. So these third party companies can manufacture only wired controllers. But this is not actually considered as a limitation since many gamers prefer wired controllers as they think that wired controllers are much faster than their wireless siblings. However, many companies modify and personalize wireless controller of Microsoft and produce modded controllers.

Royal Purple

Modded Controllers

There are companies like Geniusmods that modify wireless Xbox 360 controllers to form “modded controllers” that improve appearance and performance for enthusiasts who are in search of the comfort of a wireless controller or a competitive edge. Some of these are:

Xbox 360 Modded Controllers with Macro Functions

These controllers feature several custom controller alternatives like custom color combinations, themes and significant internal modifications.

The “Rapid Fire” feature is a common mod which is benefited from the programming of many popular FPS games. Once you adjust settings, you can hold down the trigger of the controller to project single-shot and semi-automatic weapons much faster than that with a standard controller. The “Quick Knife” feature also offers a similar setting.

Several modded controllers also sport a “Drop Shot” setting, which upon activation, causes the character of the player to drop automatically to the ground instantly after firing of the next shot. This enables a greater shooting precision and enhances the chances of dodging retaliatory fire successfully. Modded controllers also sport other beneficial settings for particular games. For instance, the GM Elite mod by Geniusmod is especially useful while playing Call of Duty series to escape enemy fire. Also when used along with rapid fire, it offers you a superior benefit on your computer.

The Hunter

Modified Buttons in Xbox 360 Controllers

Sometimes you can also get Xbox 360 controllers in which only buttons are added for ergonomic purposes and standard buttons are modified to enhance the ease of use and sensitivity. Custom color combination is also provided for the controller casing and buttons. These may feature several optional mods.Gold Chrome Purple Custom Xbox 360 Controller


Geniusmods is specialized in creating modded Xbox and PlayStation 3 controllers and they have a range of modded controllers like GM Pro, GM Elite, GM Master Mod and more. They also provide controller shells which you can install on your own and personalize your controller. Also accented controller parts like D-pads and analog sticks, custom button sets, and even special screwdrivers are provided by Geniusmods. You can see a few of their beautiful and high-performance modded controllers in this article and many more on their website.
green skull shell


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