3 Useful Tips to Let You Enjoy Playing Hollow Knight

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hollow knight walkthrough If you call yourself adventurous, can you go to the extent of entering an unknown world with only a nail as a weapon to face untold dangers, powerful bosses and the elements giving you several premature deaths and learning lessons painfully? If you can, Hollow Knight is the game you should play!

You might be overwhelmed entering a grim world, which is at times beautiful too, and a cavernous environment in Hollow Knight, but you’ll soon seek assets required for survival. All in all, Hollow Knight is a truly adventurous game. This hollow.knight walkthrough will help you out and give you tips to enjoy this exciting game.

Charms can Improve Your Chances of Survival

While playing Hollow Knight, you should remember that charms are essential items since they enable you to improve the behavior, attributes and mobility of your character. An example of a basic charm is the compass you buy from Iselda. There are other charms that let you dash more often, recover additional health while resting at benches, gain more souls when striking objects and so on.

You should also remember that assigning charms is only possible while sitting on a bench and only a few of them can be equipped at a time, no matter how many of them you have. You can increase the number of charms that can be equipped by finding or buying charm notches. Charms need one, two or three slots, out of the available ones that slowly increase as you progress through the game.

Use Magic Spells Carefully

You should use magic spells carefully because if you use them too often, eventually you won’t be left with enough soul when you need to unleash a powerful attack that might protect you from a considerable damage by an obstinate, agile enemy. Throwing magical spells everywhere will also make you unable to heal until you cause some more damage with your nail. Overall, it’s wise to fight any adversaries you face early in the campaign using only your nail.

Use Your Nail Creatively

Your nail is the most dependable weapon to dispatch several enemies, but you should use other approaches as you proceed. Some enemies use a shield to stop a standard slash of your nail from hitting them. However, a quick hop followed by a slash can target a weak area and do the job.
Your nail can also be used occasionally to explore with a downward thrust as you descend from a jump.

Also, you can aim your nail upward by holding up as you slash. In a stationary position, this works well to strike foe that are descending toward you or to trip elevator switches a bit later in the campaign.

Hope these tips will make the game easy for you and help you enjoy it! Happy playing!

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