4 Rarest Champion LoL Skins

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League of Legends champion skinsOne of the biggest deals in League of Legends is champion skins. However, most skins are available for sale on paying real money. Due to this, most skins don’t have any real apparent rarity, although each skin has a different in-game “rarity”.

However, some LoL skins have become quite rare and you may get them only at certain League of Legends Champion Guides.

Here are some of the rarest LoL skins and interesting stories of their origins.

1. Rusty Blitzcrank

Rusty BlitzcrankRusty Blitzcrank is the rarest skin in the history of League of Legends. The reason is quite interesting. On 2nd September 2009, i.e. soon after the launch of LoL, Blitzcrank was launched as a new champion. As usual Riot Games released Blitzcrank with a default skin and an extra skin that could be bought in the store and that was Rusty Blitzcrank. It was removed quickly i.e. just after ten days, because many players complained that it looked very similar to the default skin. As per rumors, less than 500 people have Rusty Blitzcrank, i.e. only 0.001%.

2. King Rammus (Bowser)

King RammusKing Rammus is among the rarest LoL skins since it was available only for players who signed up to the closed beta in 2009. Just 250,000 players signed up to the beta which means that only 25% of a million got this skin. 250,000 may seem a lot. But after 10 years today LoL has 32.5 million signed up players, which means that less than 1% of all LoL players have King Rammus skin and probably most of them stopped playing several years ago. It’s interesting to note that this skin resembles somewhat to Bowser from Super Mario. It was an intentional design and is commonly called the Bowser Rammus skin.

3. Whistler Village Twitch

Whistler Village TwitchWhistler Village Twitch has a rarity similar to that of King Rammus. It was put up for sale for celebration during the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics. It was on sale for a very short time and hence very few people could get their hands on it. Only a few hundred thousand players at the most own this skin.

4. Silver Kayle

Silver KayleIn 2009, those were the days of PC CD-ROMs; so, Riot Games released LoL as a retail game. With the retail launch came numerous skins, of which one was exclusive to the retail box – it was Silver Kyle. This is one of the simplest skins available for a champion. It’s interesting to note that the only difference between the default skin and Silver Kyle is that of the color difference.

Try to get as many of these skins as you can and be a proud owner of the rarest champion skins.

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