6 Fun Games Releasing in the 2019 Yearend You Shouldn’t Miss

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderWhen it comes to upcoming PS4 games, even the last quarter of 2019 is highly promising. While PS5 may be imminent, a lot of wonderful titles are still heading to the PS4 world. Whether it’s highly anticipated releases such as the Final Fantasy 7 remake and The Last of US 2 or the charming indie games such as Concrete Genie, there are plenty of PS4 games that should excite you.

Here are some PS4 games that are going to be released in this last quarter. You can use PSN Gift Card, an ultimate gaming gift card, to enjoy these games.

1. The Outer Worlds (Release Date 25th October 2019)

The Outer World is a new sci-fi RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment.

Obsidian has offered us Fallout: New Vegas and are famous for giving several player choices and have their own style of humour.

The game is set in a colony of the farthest extents of space and you’ll control a customisable character who wakes from cyrosleep and find themselves trapped in a conspiracy threatening the entire colony. From seducing binary code robots to a pen filled with “cystypigs” (genetically modified sow raised to produce bacon-flavoured tumors obviously for public consumption) The Outer Worlds is already making gamers giggle, as possibly one of, though not this year’s funniest games. With its dialogue choices, first-person combat, companions and a setting full of crazy sci-fi weapons and colourful creatures, The Outer Worlds seems to be a great entertainer.

The Outer Worlds

2. Death Stranding (Release Date 8th November 2019)

Norman Reedus and Kojima join up for a curious and mysterious partnership in Death Stranding, that involves beached whales and babies.

For a prolonged time, Hideo Kojima’s subtle Death Stranding has left many gamers scratching their heads since it was first displayed at the Game Awards of last year. Since the nominal character Sam, portrayed by Norman Reedus, was seen cradling a baby, gamers have steadily been seeing increasing number of Kojima Production’s games. Sam was seen doing things like climbing a ladder, peeing on a mushroom and cuddling a baby called “BB” after taking a somersault. A lot of people have been guessing about the Death Stranding’s release, but it’s gradually starting to make some sense.

Death Stranding

3. Need for Speed Heat (Release Date 8th November 2019)

Need for Speed Heat is a fast-paced street racer where you participate in competitions during days and illegal races at nights.

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Need for Speed has returned and it’s roaring up the Heat in the imaginary open-world setting of Palm City. You’ll be a street racer and will participate in the “Speedhunter Showdown” tournament during the day to earn money and make its good use to upgrade and customise your cars. However, this is only your day job. As night falls, you’ll participate in illegal street races and escape the police who try to stop your illicit speedy antics. Police will act lawfully during the day, but will take the law in their own hands during nights. The game also contains a heat level, the height of which determines the level of police attention you catch. There are numerous tasks and new customisations in the world of Palm City that will provide your cars an edge while running on the streets. It’s still among the most powerful racing series to come to PS4; hence, if you frequently find yourself in need of speed, you shouldn’t fail to enjoy this game with playstation gift card.

Need for Speed Heat

4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Release Date 15th November 2019)

If you were long waiting for a new Star Wars game, your wait will probably be over with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order a brand new third person Star Wars game developed by Respawn Entertainment, the renowned developer of the Titanfall series and Apex Legends.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will make you play the role of a Jedi and embrace all the splendid lightsaber, Force action that’ll involve. Set right after the removal of Order 66 after the chapters of Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, the game will send you on a mission to reconstruct the Jedi Order by playing the character of Cal Kestis, played by the Gotham fame actor Cameron Monaghan, a young Padawan who is alone, lost and escaping, surviving the execution of Order 66 – the purge of the Jedi Knights arranged by Emperor Palpatine, as he tries to carry on his training from the shadows, while trying to escape the Empire and its lethal Jedi-hunting Inquisitors. You’ll get stunning locations to explore, together with gear, weapons and plenty of enemies. Plus, there would be brand new and completely canon characters, locales, villains and more. So, be ready to be excited.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

5. Shenmue 3 (Release Date 19th November 2019)

The adventure game Shenmue 3 is part crowd-funded and part financed by Sony. It’s not just freeware which is probably its most interesting feature. There’s obviously still a great affection for Ryo and his avid appetite for seamen, since the game was crowd-funded hours after being re-shown at E3 2015. A new gameplay trailer was shown in the PC Gaming show at E3 2019. It showed off the hero taking up some drunken brutes with plenty of his characteristic kicks and punches. It was also revealed in the trailer that the release date has been postponed from its original date in August to 19th November. So, after a long waiting of so many years it was first shown, it’s relieving to know that it will be coming to us this year.

Shenmue 3

6. Two Point Hospital (Release Date in Late 2019)

Two Point Hospital is a spiritual successor of Theme Hospital, but is larger and better. It’s a fantastically zany world where hospitals are full of patients with strange diseases, VIPs will capture your wards and the Two Point Radio DJs will block up your ears with jesting humour and British sass. It’s an excellent tribute to Theme Hospital and created by key developers behind it as well, thus, it’s a simulator with some serious authorizations.

Two Point Hospital

Don’t fail to buy PSN gift card to enjoy all these games and make your yearend full of fun.

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