8 Useful Tips to Build a Thriving Gaming Community

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Build a Thriving Gaming CommunityAre you an ardent gamer but haven’t yet thought about building a gaming community? Well, there are so many reasons to build one. A gaming community can help some people to invest money, time and efforts into an online place that can host discussions, content and revenue-generating ads, and it also helps others who just want another venue to talk about their most favorite game, learn the latest tips and strategies, and connect to other players. If this is something that appeals you, here are some tips that may help you in building your gaming community.

1. Your Choice of Game should be Correct

The big problem is that there are so many communities dedicated to the old and popular games, so that if you plan to build a thriving community for an extremely popular game like LoL or Minecraft, it would be a challenging task. When there are a lot of forums, blogs, wikis, sites and other communities for these games, your new site may hardly be noticed in the huge crowd.

The other side of this is that, if you choose a game that is not very famous so far, your community can’t gain a decent size.

In such a condition, you either have to choose a new yet promising game that doesn’t yet have too many dedicated sites or find a new perspective of an old classic. You can even take help from tools like The Appster where you can get the latest updates of so many games and you can share your thoughts with your buddies and get an idea about a new game.

2. Have a Clear Intention

Your intention should be clear while setting up the site. Try to extract your thoughts on the community and make one sentence. Your intention might be to host discussions on your WoW Guild or it might be to make a room for conversations on the latest mods of Civilization 5.

Once you set your intention, it will be your mission statement and your decisions will be simpler. The clarity of your intention will attract those with similar intentions.

3. Take Help of The Appster

The Appster in itself is a gaming community where you can update your buddies about your progress in a game, share your wonderful moments of the mobile gaming, and get the latest gaming news and updates. It’s the newest mobile gaming entertainment to millions of gamers and app developers. With The Appster, you can deliver the most recent information and press releases about mobile apps, start new communication cycles with app developers and users, and share your exciting moments with all mobile game fans. So, don’t you think that you can build your community with the help of this amazing tool?

4. Make Others Know You Exist

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Your social profiles will have no followers in the beginning. No one will bother to read them. Followers won’t gravitate towards your pages. Rather you’ll have to begin with forums, reddit, messaging others and being active on social groups, e.g. on The Appster. You will have to make people know that you exist and get them to pay you a visit. Once you get enough followers, your posts will reach their contacts. Having a few hundred followers, it’s ideal to include some who themselves have many more.

5. Strength and Reliability

You should have enough strength and reliability to enforce your rules. Some people may complain but in the long run they will realize that you can be counted on and you’ll build trust. You should prove that you are impartial and fair with everyone.

6. Develop Patience in You

If you want your community to be decent and thriving, you should keep in mind that it will take a significant time. You’ll have to build up a solid infrastructure, but take care to keep your user interface simple and attractive. The design you’ll select will have consequences a lot deeper than only aesthetic ones. When it comes to the internet, the ways community members can connect to each other are determined by how a website works.

What’s more challenging and complicated than the technical aspects are the social ones. People take a lot of time to develop trust, relationships and common viewpoints. At least some amount of clash is bound to happen. In the long run, you and others will develop models and understand how you want to deal with each other in this virtual town you all are trying to build.

7. Ask for Help When You Need It

As your community will grow, you’ll need help for which you’ll need people. You’ll need volunteer programmers, graphic artists and even moderators. Don’t shy away from asking for help and keep in mind to express your gratitude. Also, if possible, don’t fail to give something in return. The Appster is an excellent platform where you can get a lot of helping hands. You’ll be surprised to know how many people are eager to help others out.

8. Consistency is the Key

Consistency is extremely important when it comes to communication. There should be your post on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter and The Appster at least once a day. Posts should ideally contain pictures and animated gifs. Try to avoid texts. Consistency should be present not only in your schedule but also with quality of your posts. Since you’re communicating with people, you should talk to them, ask their opinion and expectations etc.

So, are you ready to build a community for your favorite game? Do it and have fun!

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