Cards Against Humanity – An Ideal Party Game

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weird game-cards-against-humanityCards Against Humanity has earned a huge popularity and a very powerful base – no wonder, looking at its weird sense of humor and a very simple gameplay. As this is a “game for horrible people”, you can enjoy it as long as you can make jokes out of any damn thing. And if you are too sensitive about anything, it’s better to stay away, because there are high chances that it is featured somewhere in this crazy game. But really, if you play Cards Against Humanity, you will surely enjoy the game.

After opening the box you will be greeted by a small card containing rules and a pretty huge-sized heap of cards – 460 white and 90 black. The two are segregated and are given a nice shuffle and then each player is given an opening hand of 10 white ones. The player who has most lately defecated (yes, the weirdness of the game’s wicked sense of humor starts from this official rule!) gets the role of The Card Tsar and the game starts.

The Card Tsar is to take the top card from the black pile and is to read it aloud for others. All these cards feature either a question or a statement where the key word is left blank. Many of these questions can be obviously suggestive or offensive in themselves, while some others look innocent on their face but turn wicked in the next part of the game.

Now the other players have to pick a white card from their pile in hand which is their answer. They should hand it to The Card Tsar with its face-down. Once all of the players submit their answers, The Card Tsar shuffles them and reads them one by one aloud. Then he chooses his favorite answer and the player who has submitted that answer scores an Awesome Point.

Now the next player to the left plays the role of The Card Tsar and next round starts with players drawing back up to 10 cards. The game continues till a player scores Awesome Points decided at the start of the game.

It’s easy to understand why such a simple game has gained so much of popularity. The greatest part of the game is playing the sense of humor of The Card Tsar. If you have an established group and are acquainted with what ticks everyone, you can tailor the white cards that way. A card your buddy finds hilarious may not tick you at all. Therefore sometimes it happens that you have to wait with a distressing set in your hands, hoping for that perfect play.

Besides the basic rule set, some optional rules can be set to enhance the gameplay or make it a bit easier for players agonized with their white cards. One of the most popular amongst them is “Rando Cardrissian” according to which, one white card can be randomly pulled out from the pile during each round and added to the answers. This card is supposed to belong to the imaginary extra player and if he wins that round, the Awesome Point is his. If Rando wins the game, it is real sucking for the real players. Another rule allows players to throw away a white card if s/he doesn’t understand it, but after facing a humiliation of accepting her/his dumbness to the group. According to still another rule, an awesome point can be spent to discard as many cards as one wishes and draw new ones up to 10.

Though Cards Against Humanity seems to be a crazy game, it has the power to make people its huge fans. It is one of the easiest games to learn and is incredibly hilarious if you have that dark sense of humor and don’t mind losing. It is good to win, but Cards Against Humanity is not basically about winning, but about creating a loud laugh with the card combinations and that makes it an ideal party game.

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