Donalds Border – A Fun Game Based on a Serious Issue

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Donalds BorderThe US President, Mr. Donald Trump, was of opinion of building a wall on the US-Mexico border to prevent illegal immigrants from entering into the US, even before he became the President of the United States. Even after becoming the President, he is firm on his decision to build the wall to which there are mixed responses.

While some part of the American population is with the decision, more than half of the population is against it. So, as anyone can guess, the American citizens have been divided on the border issue.

While we talk everything related to gaming on this website, why are we talking about this serious political issue today? It’s because a new game named Donalds Border has been launched which handles this serious issue in an extremely hilarious way and thoroughly entertains you.

Donalds Border has been developed by two developers – Anita-Marie and Leigh Ann, who hail from different backgrounds but share same views about politics, games, technology and entertainment. We’ll talk more about them later in this article.

Donalds Border


You play a coyote’s character in Donalds Border and introduce yourself. Your job is to take down the Donald’s wall and take your amigos across the border safely. Donald will be present at the border for the protection of his wall, Peaches. After each turn, your character will change. With each change in the turn, you’ll get the option to select the artillery you want to begin casting a hole in the wall. It’s similar to slingshots while shooting at the wall. Artilleries are of various types and you’ve to select the right type. You have to distract Donald’s character and you’ll get more options too for that. These include chili pepper and taco. If he eats the taco and goes to the bathroom with the chili pepper, he loses his turn.

Gen. Fransisco Javier in Donalds Border

There are coins spread here and there as certain parts of the wall are down. You can collect them. At each level, you get coins and green cards and you can use them to buy artillery or extra life. There is a coyote shop in the game owned by a Russian character, named Vlat, from whom you can purchase everything.

Vlat's coyote shop in Donalds Border

You can also get things when Vlat’s friends fly over a Russian plane and drop cargo care packages from it. These packages, however, may be different from each other and while some may carry extra energy, the other may carry even a cluster bomb.

Russian plane in Donalds Border

Donald’s character will try to stop you from collecting coins and green cards for which he’ll throw rockets, dynamites, terrifying tantrums as well as atomic duck cluster bombs.

You have to distract him from his efforts so that your coyote character can get additional turns so that you can keep the wall open for your amigos to cross the border. Each level in Donalds Border needs you to save more amigos and this will make it more difficult to keep the wall open. The more amigos you need to cross the border, the more difficult will it be to take the wall down.

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Each coyote character will get an opportunity to shoot at the wall. Also, the wall will be hit from different spots every time. The Donald’s character is stable at one position but fires different artillery every time.

Donalds Border

Why is Donalds Border So Interesting?

All the characters have voices from paid actors; but some actual dialogues of Trump have been included in the game. Thus, the things have taken from real life.

The female coyote character is Rosa Maria and when she throws chili pepper at him, she says, “I have something hot you can grab.” The developers wanted the hints and small references in there. This has made the game interesting. As you progress in the game, levels become tougher. If he wins, he says, “I’m too great to lose, loser.” And it’s interesting to check what he says if you win. It’s just enough to know that things have been taken from real life.

Rosa Maria in Donalds Border

Another specialty of the game is that no one gets hurt by weapons. So, the game will never leave you mentally stressed out or traumatized. It’s a fun game in a true sense.

All in all, it’s enthralling to play with the US President and have fun. You might have fought with so many real life and imaginary characters in video games. But there may be hardly any game that involves the American president and a serious political issue involved and so, Donalds Border stands out from the crowd.

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics in Donalds Border are amazing as you can see with an eye-pleasing color scheme. The coyotes’ characters are adorable with their funny colorful hats and dress, shoes and hand gloves. Whether you are with Donald Trump’s decision or against it, you’d like to help these lovable characters to cross the border! This is the real fun in this game.

Ricardo in Donalds Border

As mentioned earlier, the voices used in the game are of paid actors because of which the game becomes impactful and fun.


You’ll have to use some strategies while choosing your artillery and other items so that you can use them effectively to take down the wall and here your brilliance will work. Since the more coyotes you’ve to take across the border, the harder will it be at each level, you should keep a keen eye on what strategies you can use to make your job easy.

Little Juan in Donalds Border

About the Developers

Anita-Marie has come from a tech and computer background, while Leigh Ann was formerly in the fitness industry and later got interested in the web and technology. They both talked to their friends about the seriousness of the issue and wished that people should get involved. After working on various ideas, they thought that a fun game can spread the awareness. Here the concept of Donalds Border came to their minds and they started working on it – a game with a Trump-like character that sees himself as a God or Superhero.

So are you excited? What are you waiting for? Start playing Donalds Border and enjoy!

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