Dungeon Fighter Professions

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dungeon fighter IGXEDungeon Fighter is an exciting MMO and you can get four professions in the game. Here is some information of these professions. You will get them at level 20 and you have to choose one of them. They are Disassembler, Animator, Alchemist and Enchanter. As such, some serious DFO gold can be earned only after achieving level 7 or thereafter. But though the journey is tough, it’s a lot of fun.

Abello, who is based right down the Valley of Souls, can give you this quest. You can buy all profession recipes from him; so it is required to visit him to purchase the necessary recipes while you proceed in profession level.


This is perhaps the best profession for you if you are a beginner. Its benefits are, you can:

  • Disassemble your own items (epics, blues, whites, pinks, etc) without using NPC ones
  • Set up a shop in town for disassembling which others can use for which you can take a small fee like Lv 1 = 0, Lv 5 = 300 gold, Lv 9 = 500 gold, and so on
  • Get experience when others use your disassmebler
  • AFK and level your profession

Animator (Puppeteer)

This is also a great profession for beginners. When you take it, you are able to summon friendly APCs (puppets) to assist you in battle for 15 minutes. This is of help for soggy classes such as Mages since it will divert the enemies from attacking them. Keep in mind that they have a cool-down time and you can’t use them in every battle.


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An alchemist can form all types of potions that will help you in DFO. When you are an alchemist, you can:

  • Make Mana and Hp potions, so you don’t need to purchase them from NPCs
  • Make nostrums which will increase your max mana or hp for half an hour
  • Make Mysterious World Tour that is able to cure any status disease and is very helpful for Otherverse Dungeons
  • Create fatigue potions for that additional 30 fp per day (usable only once per day)
  • Swap color cube fragments
  • Create Reinforcement Proficiency Formula, which increases upgrade success rate for half an hour
  • Formulate Super Armor Potion, useful for characters to stop skill channeling interruption

The items created by an Alchemist are highly sought after, particularly the last 4. So, by becoming an Alchemist, you can become self-dependent.


Enchanter is perhaps the costliest profession and if you are beginner, you are recommended not to take it up. It is recommended for high-end players who want to enchant bonus stats for their armor or elemental benefit on their weapons.

Just like alchemists and animators, enchanters have their own profession disassembler. They need mana solvents, which can be obtained by breaking down magic seals or blues, and also by dropping them from Contagious Area in Iced Wall area.

Enchanters earn by selling beads which can be used to enchant equipment. But lower level beads are not all as valuable as the higher level ones. Armor and elemental enchantments are required by most end game players.

duyngeon fighter IGXE

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