Easy Ways to Make Runescape 2007 Gold

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RS 2007 GoldIn Runescape 2007 there are actually plenty of ways to make money as a member, because as a member you will get a lot more freedom and more privileges to explore the world of Runescape. However, you need to have some patience to make RS 2007 gold but finally it’s all worth.

Woodcutting Skill

The first thing with which you can make money is your skill of woodcutting. As such, you can cut trees for using them later for fletching. But now we are talking about making money through woodcutting. Your precious time is invested in woodcutting to level up but the greater your level, the more number of options of trees you will get to cut. Start out small with willows. After you reach a sufficiently higher level, you can cut yew trees. Later you can level up higher to cut magic trees too. Magic and yew trees are best sources of gold making because they sell quite a lot.


There are two ways fletching can be used to make gold. The first one is familiar to most Runescape members i.e. to make bows to high alch them. Bows like Yew Longbow, Maple Longbow and Magic Longbow are popular. The other way is of making money through fletching is making arrowshafts. The arrows bought are mostly iron, bronze and steel. Higher level members use higher arrows more than the regular steel, iron or bronze arrows. This technique can be inexpensive if you are aware of the place of getting your supplies for free. E.g. you will require feathers to make arrows. To get them free, you will need to search in chicken farms. For wood, you can cut trees if you have achieved the necessary Woodcutting level.


Cooked food can always be your source of stable income. First you will require doing fishing for fish. You can reach a level where a harpoon can be used, but till then you will need feathers. Salmon and trout are two types of fish which are sold a lot. They earn you a decent price, i.e. about 30 to 75 gold per salmon and 20 to 50 gold per trout. However the price may vary according to the location. But remember not to sell them at General Store, because there you won’t get high price.

You can also cook the fish instead of selling them. No one in the game can eat raw fish. If you don’t want that too, you can store them to make such a large stock of them that somebody who wants to level up their cooking skill will buy them from you. Also, cooking involves some amount of burning and if that happens you may lose some profit. The higher level you are, the less you will burn during cooking.

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