Fortnite – An Amazing Combination of Construction and Battle that You’ll Enjoy

FortniteFortnite: Battle Royale, a third person online shooter developed by Epic Games is now available in Early Access for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile, and is free to play.

The game sees up to 100 players skydiving on an island. Players are equipped only with a pick-axe and they have their survival instincts. So, after landing on the ground, you have to first hunt for weapons and thrash the environment so as to gather materials for building, but while staying inside an ever-lessening circle of safety that brings everyone nearer each other until only one person (or team) remains standing. This is a simple concept that, as many have found, has virtually unlimited replayability. Expert Fortnite coaches can help you hone your skills in Fortnite.

The limitless replayability is because of the amount of variables working in any one round. For example, there are randomized item placements and drops, the storm approaches on a different area every time and of course, there are 99 other players with you each running around tryna. It’s a perfect formula for absolute chaos and optimum fun!

Freedom to Play as You Want

If you want, you can choose to play solo before you participate into a match. You can also play in a duo, squad of up to 3 players or limited time special modes such as squads of 20 or 50 that change the game from small fights into full blown battlegrounds.

Whichever mode you choose affects the way you’ll play and of course, everyone will have his own preference, e.g. with a small team to get the ability to revive downed teammates or yourself. This will give you a far better outcome of enduring in each round.


Playing Solo

Playing solo just increases excitement and tension. It can be maddening when someone gets the jump on you, but you can’t blame anyone but yourself and this really helps you progress in the game fast, which you’ll find very much helpful if you are competing against some very ardent Fortnite fans.


Know the Ins and Outs of the Game

You will soon come to know that there are some true good players out there. If you want to claim a Victory Royale, you should know the game thoroughly. Since there are no real tutorials or guide in the game, you have to learn most of the game by committing mistakes. Of course, you have another nice alternative of getting Fortnite coaching.

If you are playing Fortnite or any battle royale game for that matter for the first time, things will be a bit tough for you, like finding the best place to drop on the map, the range and precision of various weapons, function of each item and so on. So, it may take longer than you expect, since each round is so speedy and everyone comes in to win it. Thankfully, you’ll always earn XP by just surviving, so you’ll never feel excessively punished.

It’s nice to know that there is always something happening other than the combat itself, which perhaps sets Fortnite apart from games similar to it. You have to find collectables, complete tons of challenges and the most unique feature of the game i.e. the skill of building structures on the fly while fighting your way around the island. In-game crafting is not a new feature, but when it’s blended with a high level of competition of a battle royale, it attains an all new level.


Combat and Construction

Juggling battle with construction is not particularly a skill that is innate; however, it actually opens up unique tricks so, it’s actually worth getting good. When you’ll mine resources with your pickaxe, you will earn brick, metal or wood which you can use to build walls, platforms and staircases of different strengths. And while there may be an urge for you to build a box and just hide in it, making use of these tools in the right circumstance can soon turn the tide in virtually every fight.


Walls, Platforms and Stairs

Walls form a quick cover, particularly if you are stuck out in the open, platforms can make it easy to traverse rooftops and gaps and stairs offer you quick elevation over your opponents. But once you start blending them all together, you’ll find how crucial building is to attain that final circle.

Taking Advantage of the Chaos

Once only the last few players remain, the building becomes pretty chaotic which you can take advantage of, but often it results in a messy finish, which can be extremely disappointing.

When walls start popping around you, you switch frenziedly between blueprints and weapons; but you’d love the way the game changes focus away from just blasting your way to victory and a big role in it is played by the building mechanic.

You have to remember a lot of things when building; for example, mining for resources makes a lot of noise, so, building large castles may draw other players’ attention to you OR reveal where you have been already. Thus it’s a tricky skill to hone. Of course, with the help of Fortnite coaches, it can become a breeze.

Still, it’s so thrilling to watch structures coming up around the map as the game progresses and you’ll be amazed to see how different every round feels.



This is definitely the name of the game with Fortnite, and keeping that in mind, the rewards and leveling system used should be considered. Fortnite being a free game contains ways to spend real money as well. Thankfully, it’s safe, as everything that can be purchased or earned in the game is only cosmetic, which means it’s just for show and won’t influence any player stats on the battleground itself.


Reward System

It’s great news; however Fortnite does implement a rather exclusive, even confusing, reward system.

Completing challenges and leveling up earns you Battle Stars which unlock tiers that reset every season. Every tier contains rewards such as outfits, dances, sprays and even XP boosts.

The real money is in the form of V-bucks that can be purchased and exchanged for items out-and-out in the store or for purchasing a gold Battle Pass which offers you a unique set of tiers with a lot more rewards!

Hopefully these tips will help you enjoy the game. So, when are you planning to start playing it?

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