Garrys Mod Tips & Tricks

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gary's modGarrys Mod, or GMod as it is lovingly called, is all about posing ragdolls, i.e. positioning people from DoD/CS/HL2 and alter their faces. You can construct with GMod. Take props from DoD/CS/HL2 and fuse them together to construct walls. Align a wheel to this to form a functional car. Tie a few cans at the back. A huge contraption community has been formed around GMod – producing things like catapults, Rube Goldberg devices, bridges, canons, and so on. You can create your own weapons using GMod – with the help of Lua! And you can do just anything with them. You can also change some basic things such as models, fire, sound, etc if you are a beginner. If you are a pro, the world becomes your oyster, melon cannons, mass changing guns, jetpacks. GMod offers you liberty to do any such things no matter whether as a single player or with your friends online.

General Tips

  • This might look like quite obvious: take care not to crush yourself with whatever you are carrying with the physics gun.
  • Create “Buttons” and thereby enable other players to make use of your contraptions.
  • While filming movies or taking screenshots, keep in mind to make use of camera tool, which will prevent people from making fun of you when you post your image.
  • This version of GMod allows you now to lift NPCs with the physgun.

Construction Tips

  • You can use vending machines for several floating contraptions. They float very nicely.
  • To avoid “spazzing” of your creations, make their individual parts ‘non-colliding’ using the tool – No Collide. E.g. two blast door models.

Posing Tip

  • The No Collide tool is also very useful to make ragdoll poses of someone carrying something.

Other Tips

  • Use Lights tool, for making a disco, and tie lights to other lights.
  • To construct a revolving disco ball, tie a wheel to roof, with lights. Next put another ball in the center and wireframe it. Keep the wheel unseen and see it spinning.
  • Try tying constraints to rollermines and you will enjoy for hours.
  • For going really high (most possibly killing yourself) spawn a Blast Door, stand on it and catch it with physgun. By pressing and holding your use key and then tapping back key, you can pull up really quickly. After you get high enough, right click and the Blast Door will freeze. This is best for air-bases; however, be careful, because if you go too high, you may hit against the skybox and may be smashed.

GMod posing dolls

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