GTA Vice City, Android – Tips and Tricks

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GTA Vice City, AndroidJust last year, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City completed a decade and on the occasion of the tenth anniversary, a version of the game for mobiles and tablets was released, which soon became hugely popular in the gamers’ world. GTA Vice City, Android is available through Google Play, while the iOS version is available through App Store. The version brings you a full experience of the game to mobile devices, with high-resolution graphics and a number of enhancements, unique to Android and iOS platforms, including modernized character models and light effects, new and more accurate firing and targeting choices, an entirely customizable control layout and local support for Retina display devices. Here are some extremely useful tips and tricks to complete this wonderful game.

How to Fly Helicopters in Vice City?

There is a need of some knack for flying both RC and large-scale helicopters with the help of touchscreen. It is good to stretch your right-hand fingers to work on rotation and height at the same time while you drive forward with the directional stick. It’s fiddly, but will bring you a much quick progress especially helpful in RC missions.

flying helicopters

How to Create a Custom Playlist?

You first need to form a playlist named Vice City for creating your own radio station for the game, and then sync your device. This will make your music play if you switch to the Tape Deck radio station. When you want to shuffle songs after entering new vehicles, use the shuffle feature for the playlist.

creating custom playlist

How to Complete the Taxi Missions?

Firstly, get in a yellow cab and next, tap the job icon on the left side of the screen. Your task is to collect passengers, take them to the destination shown on the mini-map, then catch a new passenger before expiry of the different timers. Complete 100 simultaneous taxi missions and your mission chain will be finished.

taxi missions

How to Complete Pizza Delivery Missions?

Agreed, you’re a fearless (and also feared) gangster, but there’s one more way to earn a crust and earn a reward of additional health points too. Capture a pizza delivery bike and tap the job icon to start things. Reach level 10 and you will get a reward of 150 health points.

pizza delivery missions

Emergency Missions

When you complete emergency missions like ambulance, police car and fire engines to reach level 12 in each, you will get the following rewards respectively: the ability of sprinting forever, 150 armor and the ability for resisting any fire damage. You can start the emergency missions job in the same way as taxi and pizza missions.

emergency missions

How to Change the Control Layout?

Head in the options screen and select Controls. Here you can adjust the controls of driving, flying or walking. If you wish to increase a particular icon’s size, you just have to double-click on it. And if you wish to reduce the size, continue double-clicking so as to go through all the available sizes.


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Collecting packages littered around the Vice City will gradually unlock new vehicles and weapons for you. If you wish to pick all of them, you will have to do it in one concerted effort, or else you’ll have to spend hours searching for the one you have collected already. Here is what you will get as a reward when you reach each level.

10 – Body armor

20 – Chainsaw

30 – Colt python

40 – Flamethrower

50 – Sniper gun

60 – Minigun

70 – Rocket launcher

80 – Sea sparrow (found at the back of the Vercetti Estate)

90 – Rhino (found at Fort Baxter Air Base)

100 – Hunter (Fort Baxter Air Base)


How to Change Music Stations?

When you want to access a new radio station in the Vice City, simply swipe right or left on the station name which appears at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

How to Acquire the Mansion?

To acquire the wonderful mansion in the center of the map, together with the very neat helicopter on the roof, you have to complete all the missions of the game. Once you complete them, the assets are available for you.


How to Lose My Wanted Level?

You can do this in two ways. Either escape from the police by tearing up the streets and going as far from them as you can, or else access a Pay-n-Spray garage, park your car there, wait for the re-paint get done and roll out from there like nothing has happened. However, remember that this will cost you 100 bucks every time.

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