Is Botting in WoW Dead Forever?

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world of warcraftAlthough this exact same question can be asked for Diablo 3 as well, it’s something that pops up on forums and community sites every now and then. Considering the large playerbase a game such as WoW has, there’s no secret that up until quite recently, it had a constant and massive botting issue.

In fact, and funny thing, botting in WoW, especially to gather resources, was such an issue throughout years, that some players tend to report someone for being a bot just for the sole fact that they’re gathering herbs as a druid, in travel form. This being the go-to character and setup for actual botters, since herbs can also be gathered in flight form, there’s no wonder that any druids out there herbing are frowned upon.

wow druid travel form

More so, false reports can also occasionally lead to an automated suspension or a ban, so if you ever find yourself getting banned for simply just picking up herbs or for no actual reason at all, you can always throw a pair of eyes on a service to help you get unbanned from WoW, assuming you don’t want to appeal the WoW ban yourself.

In order to better understanding what we’re talking about, we first should go over the reasons for which some players choose to bot, namely:

  • to gather materials (herbs, mines, fish, leather, etc.) without actually farming any of it themselves;
  • to level up a new character;
  • to increase a profession’s skill;
  • to farm certain reputations or even PvP honor currency;
  • to complete certain achievements (such as exploration or questing related ones).

Now, while some of the above reasons might not sound very destructive towards the game or its community, the largest portion of players that choose to bot in WoW do so merely to obtain gold. That gold will later either be sold or used through the new balance system to effectively earn them real world currency (such as dollars).

This also directly has a negative impact on the game’s economy, such as the Auction House’s prices, not to mention undercutting legitimate WoW farmers with hundreds of stacks of items gathered by the bot every day. Add to that the bot’s ability to post, scan or undercut the auctions all by itself, and you’re left with basically no possible way of keeping up with it to sell your hard earned materials.

Also, because of the WoW token, which can be purchased with gold and converted into currency, Blizzard has started taking the usage of bots in WoW extremely seriously, by effectively issuing ban waves every time they get a chance, on top of actively trying to shut down botting companies altogether. So far, they’ve managed to ban a lot of WoW’s botting playerbase, along with closing down some huge names in the WoW automation industry, such as Honorbuddy.

So, is botting dead in WoW?

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Well, because of the above mentioned facts, yes, pretty much. Blizzard has made it very clear that they won’t stop at anything when it comes to banning bots in WoW.

For this reason, the players involved are either already banned or just stopped using bots, while the bot developers have either discontinued and closed their bots, or are simply reluctant to make any new ones.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other bots out there, but at this point, the risk of losing your account is simply too great to even consider going for it.

Should I use a bot?

Well, first of all, if you’re asking yourself that, then perhaps the first thing you need to look at is the reason for which you’d even consider this. Is it gold? Leveling a new character? A profession? Or is it because you no longer enjoy playing the game or having to go through all of its aspects and content?

Regardless, the simple answer is no, you should not use a bot in WoW, even if you think it’s the best way to obtain a certain item or reach a goal.

More so, even if you were to do so for a short while and then stop, there’s no telling as to when or if you’re going to ever get banned for it. Historically, taking into account WoW’s ban waves, some players were banned months after stopping to use a bot, simply because they were already flagged and noted.

This is also the reason for which Blizzard bans players involved in the usage of bots in waves, as if they were to ban a few players every day, by the end of the week, nobody would be using the bot until it would get updated.

So, in the end, using a bot in WoW is not worth the risk. If you simply feel like you don’t want to be bothered playing WoW anymore, you can always simply take a break from it and allow the passion to come back to you.

At least, this way, you’ll always know that your WoW account will be safe and exactly as you left it, for you to return whenever you feel like taking on the new challenges Azeroth has to offer!

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