League of Legends – Starting with Summoner’s Rift

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LoL guideLeague of Legends is a competitive fast-paced online video game that combines RPG elements with the swiftness and passion of a RTS. Two teams of strong champions, each having a distinct playstyle and design, fight nose to nose across numerous game modes and battlefields. With an ever-growing list of champions, a flourishing tournament scene and regular updates, League of Legends provides unending replayability for gamers of any skill level. Watch this wonderful game streamed on FalcoNoctis. How to be successful in this game? Let’s start with Summoner’s Rift.


LoL is full of champions of all archetypes from epic monsters to deceitful masterminds and everything between them. Various champions match various roles and strategies. Therefore don’t be disappointed if the first one you tried didn’t match with your playstyle.

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Control Your Champion

Champions utilize a conventional RTS control scheme with some limitations.


  • For attacking an enemy, right-click on that enemy
  • For moving your champion, right-click on the terrain you wish to go
  • For casting a spell, left-click the concerned icon or make use of the hotkey of the spell (by default Q, W, E or R) and next click on the target

You can customize controls through the Options menu.


Three roads link yours and enemy’s bases. They are known as lanes and they act as ways of holding the enemy team. For winning a game you should push your lane down into the base of the enemy and devastate the nexus at the center of their base.



These are Al-controlled soldiers, who generate at the nexus and march down all lanes towards the enemy base, assaulting enemies they meet en route. Scoring a deadly blow on a minion brings precious gold for your champion. Minions will fight with one another, but will assault your champion if he was found alone in a lane. Never underestimate a large wave of minions, especially during the initial time.

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These are strong protective structures that save every lane at even intervals, punishing enemies who are within range using lethal bolts of energy. Just like minions, they choose to attack targets excluding you, unless you hold another champion while being in range. A hostile turret targets you only when you attack an enemy champion or when you are the final target within range. Be careful of deciding on a war under an enemy turret.


Inhibitors are important structures that are situated at the junction where every lane joins the base on the map’s both sides. Upon killing an inhibitor, a super minion is created every time and a new wave of minions spawns in that lane. A super minion is very much durable, which makes it perfect for leading the charge against enemy nexus. Inhibitors reproduce after every five minutes; therefore ensure to press your benefit within this time.

When all three of inhibitors of enemy are destroyed, two super minions spawn in every lane each time a new minion wave is generated.

The Nexus

The nexus lies at the center of each base. It is a structure generating minion waves periodically in each lane and is protected by two turrets. If your team destroys the enemy nexus, the game comes to an end and your team is declared the winner.



In League of Legends, gold is earned by your champion by taking down structures and units of the enemy. Helping in a champion kill, hitting a deadly blow on a champion or a minion and capturing particular runes or items are some ways to create extra income. You can utilize your gold to buy great items from the shop adjacent to your summoner platform. You just have to click on the shop or the button near your gold total and the store will be opened.

The Jungle

The jungle lies between the lanes and is full of neutral monsters. Monsters don’t attack the enemy base by defeating them you can earn extra gold and unique temporary buffs. You may take on a jungler’s role to use these areas as your basic source of income. Junglers often roam between the lanes, helping the allies in lane when required.

jungle and monsters

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