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Lulu LandWho among you is in love with tales of princesses, mystery lands, dangerous villains and fighting with them? At least I am a fan of all these and I am sure many of you are too. We are grownups but we don’t want to come out of our childhood at times or we want to return to our childhood to experience all that fun, getting lost in the world of fairytales, not caring about the real world and its boring challenges, right? So, why not do that? Here’s a brand new game for you – Lulu Land – which will make your wish come true! Lulu Land is full of tales, adventures, devils and fighting!

Storyline – What is Lulu Land?

Lulu Land is a land of mysteries. On the face of it, it seems a simple land, just like any land with jungles, dens, dungeons, and more. But beware; it’s not that simple and innocent as it seems. Among its dens, dungeons and jungles a beautiful, innocent princess has lost her way and you have to save her. Who will save her? It’s Lulu – your character! And you have to help him find the princess! Isn’t it enchanting?

Lulu’s character is just adorable and I am sure, you will love it too. He’s a cute little pink-colored ball-shaped character with big, round eyes, smiling face, three tentacles, two hands and two legs. All in all, you will get a smile on your face upon seeing him. He is lovable and you will feel like helping him in his noble cause – saving the princess.

Lulu Land screenshot 1

Full of Action

If you are an action-lover, then too you will love Lulu Land. In Lulu Land you will get a lot of chances to jump and fight because you have to escape the many obstacles and fight many villains that will try to beat you in the efforts of finding the princess. All in all, it will be difficult for you to keep your phone down when you will play Lulu Land.

As mentioned earlier, Lulu Land has jungles, dens and dungeons, among which the princess has lost her way and is wandering. Your mission is to find her, but you will come across a lot of enemies from whom you have to save yourself, i.e. Lulu. The enemies are roaming around and you have to remain alert at every second; otherwise you cannot survive and you will have to start the game from the beginning. Lulu (you) will have to run and jump always and protect himself.

Lulu Land screenshot 5

Your efforts to save Lulu from falling prey to the nasty enemies will be rewarded with points. The more Lulu will be saved at various dangerous events, the more points you can accumulate.

All this may seem easy to you, but in fact, mastering the tremendously dynamics action and adventure in the game is equally difficult and challenging; but that is the real fun in this game.

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So, there are two major attractions in Lulu Land – the ambience of a fairytale and a story jam-packed with action and adventure.

Not to mention, the simple yet attractive graphics with pleasing colors, taking you to a delightful land of your dreams.

And guess what? You will get 30 fantastic levels! Plus there are numerous obstacles, 3 super bosses and 5 types of wicked enemies with whom you have to fight so as to reach and save the princess.

Lulu Land screenshot 2

Awesome Features

Let me now tell you about the awesome features of Lulu Land app:

  • Easy-to-understand: User interface of Lulu Land is easy to understand. So, the game will quickly attract you and captivate your mind.
  • Easy Controls: The controls of the game are easy to handle and super-intuitive so, you as well as your kids will find it easy to play anytime.
  • 30 Levels: You have to complete as many as 30 levels, each one more difficult than the previous one, making you more and more engaged in the game; there are lots of tweaks and twists too, making it even more captivating.
  • Great Dynamics: The more swift the action in the game, the more it gives food for your brain, which your brain likes. Lulu Land has great dynamics which will give enough exercise to your eyes, hands and of course brain.
  • 5 Enemies: Enemies in the game are of 5 types each making you confront different set of problems so as to catch your interest, more and more.
  • 3 Bosses: And then you will face 3 powerful bosses if you really want to reach the princess. These bosses are really, really dangerous and will make it even harder for Lulu to survive. You have to face a tough fight here as the bosses are even more dangerous than the 5 types of enemies.
  • Flaunt Your Score: Who doesn’t want to show off the success? Everyone wants that! Share your score on social media like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and more.

Lulu Land screenshot 3

Who will Love Lulu Land?

Anyone! Whether you are young or old, male or female, grownup or child – you are bound to love it. This is an all-time favorite game, designed for any age group. So, you can just download it and start playing. You can also download it for you child and keep her/him engaged for hours when s/he is bored at a wedding or a family gathering of adults or want a break from studies. And of course you can play it when you want a break from work! The beauty of the game is adults too can enjoy the story and challenges therein, and actively participate in solving problems the storyline of the game brings.

Lulu Land screenshot 4

Available on App Store

Lulu Land is available on App Store so you can play it on any iOS device, wherever you want to kill time, on airports, in the plane, train, bus, taxi or car, in doctor’s waiting room, while waiting for you kid outside school or gym, or while being alone at home! Lulu Land is at your fingertips; just grab your smartphone or tablet and start playing.

And now, watch this awesome trailer of Lulu Land:

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