The Best Ever Dwarf Games You should Play

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Oswald the dwarfSince our childhood, we are enchanted with dwarves! Maybe it’s because of the tale of Snow-white and the Seven Dwarves. They are so nice to her. They take care of her in the dense jungle, in their warm little cottage, and they shower her with love and friendship with whatever they have! I am sure all of us have felt like visiting those friendly, loving dwarves, while reading Snow-white’s story. Maybe this is the reason why we love dwarf games. At least, I do! So, I felt like sharing the best dwarf games I love the most. I wish you too should play them to have the same fun that I have. Here they are.

Oswald, The Angry Dwarf Clicker

Oswald chopping downOswald, The Angry Dwarf Clicker is an extremely adorable clicker game in which a cute-looking (but very angry) dwarf named Oswald plays your character and his job is to cut down whatever he comes across. There are many things in the game for him to cut down like 18 species of trees, towers and more. Your job is to keep his axe always sharpened or create a new axe for him. I love Oswald because though he is supposedly angry, he keeps working for earning money for you! Though his face is of an angry short man, he works, and works and works. A special thing about this game is Oswald’s work continues and he keeps earning money even while you are not playing the game! So, when you start the game again, you find a huge amount earned by him for you to your delight. Oswald, The Angry Dwarf Clicker is available on Google Play Store. So, download it and have fun!

Falling Dwarves

falling dwarvesFalling Dwarves is a new dwarf game on Google Play in which a group of dwarves comes to know about a treasure cave and they go on its expedition. But alas! Instead of getting a treasure, they come across dreadful monsters in the cave. Now you have to try to escape from the big monsters with the dwarves. The tools you get to stop the monster are a bomb and a pickaxe to break the ground apart which lets you fall straight down! This simple game is super easy to play and offers the best entertainment.

Dwarf Quest

dwarf questDwarf Quest will remind you of the epic adventure games in your school days. Though it is simple, it’s extremely amusing because of the environment it creates. If you are fond of dungeon crawling, you will love this game. It’s available on iTunes. You will play the character of Morrin Firebeard, a proud dwarf warrior who finds dungeons that are forgotten. The game goes on becoming exciting when Morrin (you) finds great treasures and slays fierce monsters! Through this entire journey you will have to ultimately find out the wizard Azar who is still alive! I love the character of the dwarf, Morrin, and the atmosphere that makes me nostalgic. If you are of my type, you too will love this dwarf game.

Greedy Dwarf

greedy dwarfThe dwarf in this game goes on grabbing anything he gets and doesn’t care a bit what other say about him or if they call him greedy! That’s why he is so adorable! I love people who don’t care for what others say and do whatever they want (of course, not something bad!) and I love dwarves. So, this is a super combo I love! You have to go on exploring (and grabbing) wonderful things at great speed with this dwarf and prove that you are greedy too! The game has 32 levels that are extremely challenging, just what you will want if you are adventurous. Greedy Dwarf is also available on Google Play.

So, what are you waiting for? Download these games right now and be ready for a fun journey with the adorable dwarves.

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