Top 11 Tips to Become A Counter Strike Pro

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counter-strikeAre you dreaming to become a Counter-Strike authority? The real fun of Counter-Strike is even if you are one of the best players of the game, there’s a lot to learn. Professional gaming is in no way easy and you can come across far more new tips and tricks than simply aiming a crosshair at your opponent’s face. Here are top eleven tips from Counter Strike pros to help you move up the world ranks of professional gamers.

1. Ensure that Your Hardware is Flawless

If you want to step on an even gaming field, you would certainly not want things like an out-of-date rig or an internet connection that is breaking every now and then, only to hold you back and spoiling all the fun and gaming spirit. When it’s about Counter Strike, where the combat is so excellently balanced, only a bit of drop in the framerate can bring a catastrophe. Short fps can change your bullet registration, recoil and the smoothness in your game. If you come across a horrible computer, you don’t actually have much of a chance online against somebody having a topnotch machine. Moreover, a fine computer and internet connection will be the same cases you will be relying on when you happen to participate in a tournament, thus you won’t need to get used to varying conditions when you manage on the day.

counter-strike shooter

2. Seek a Good Team

A time comes in everyone’s life when we have to deal with folks we don’t actually like very much. But it is doubtless that getting along with your team will make things damn simpler down the line. Actually, it’s better to choose friendly souls having great potential to improve than to trying to get along with bests of the best without knowing them very well. Folks with whom you can get along well make you enjoy the game in a true sense. Modifying your lineup each month has fewer chances to do much good, even though you replace someone with a bit better player.

counter-strike shooter2

3. Practice Your Tricks in Excellent Environments

If you are planning to go with competitive Counter-Strike, it is possible that you will spend quite a great number of hours already, playing the game. But if you want constant improvement in your play, it’s the right environment which plays a key role. Find a good place to begin. You respawn right after you die. So, you are continually shooting and that’s a good thing to make improvement in your gunplay. Also clan combat practice is quite essential. Find a chat program like mIRC to look for practicing games in opposition to other teams. Try each of the tactics you have been thinking over. Experts advise to spend ten minutes after every match you play to evaluate what wrong you did, what right you did and what improvements you can bring to your play.

counter-strike shooter in a lane

4. Take a Look at Other Players’ Demos

It’s true that practice is key to perfection; but there are a number of details to Counter-Strike play that you can pick up from other players. Taking a look at other players’ demo videos is an awesome way to review their crazy skills without worrying about being gunned down if you stop for too long and stare. Pros will have a variety of ways of aiming, shooting, moving and responding to various situations. Only ensure that you try your own strategies too. Experts say that all gamers have their own different styles and style of another player may not suit you or your team.

5. Leave out the Rest, Compete with the Best

The feeling of being a winner is always nice! Therefore it may tempt you to choose weaker players to play against for practice matches. However this may be counter-productive. Though playing against players having less ability than yours can make you good in some ways, competing with top teams will offer you an insight of the professional playing level and enable you to learn from players of great levels.

counter-strike shooter in traffic

6. What is Important is Communication

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When it’s about team-based online games, and even more so about Counter-Strike, it’s essential to be in continuous contact with your team members all through a match. A gap in communication can bring in the difference between a crucial victory and a shameful, severe defeat. Therefore, talking to one another is of great importance. However, just maintaining a constant contact won’t suffice. It’s essential to communicate effectively. It’s perfect to save your calls regarding what’s happening quick and short, and keep teammates informed about everything you are aware of, like the number of enemies you see, weapons they are having and whether you see a bomb carrier. Also ensure to grab a voice chat like Mumble or Ventrilo to use while you practice. They enable you to talk to your team whether you are alive or dead, an advantage not offered by the in-game chat system of Counter-Strike.

counter-strike shooter near ruins

7. Take on the Community Spirit

You may want to devote hours after hours playing so as to improve your game; however there is something more to be a professional player of Counter-Strike than just playing Counter-Strike! You might have world’s best players in your team; but if nobody knows about you, you will perhaps quickly end up in reaching nowhere. Being active in the Counter-Strike community of your country indicates that there is greater general interest, which in turn means that more tournaments will take place and thus more chances to practice in matches and under pressure. Moreover it enables you to find friends for a casual play when your teammates are not online, thus allowing you to practice even though your team is not around.

counter-strike shooter on train

8. Three Things to Master for a Clever Combat

Experts emphasize on mastering three things in Counter-Strike combat: recoil, smoke grenades and flashbangs. The recoil patterns of Counter-Strike are very different to several shooters and it’s essential to master the technique. The usual technique for most pro players is to spray at a close range, tap fire at a medium range and tap a bit slower at a long range, all the while keeping moving between the taps thus making you a difficult target to hit. In the meantime, good use of grenade can bring in all the difference. Here too watching demo of a pro player’s play will offer you some helpful tips. However it is always great to connect to an empty server along with your team and practice for yourself.

9. The Basic Requirement – Shooting!

Counter-Strike being a FPS game, needs you to have one requirement as the most basic one – shooting. And this is a field where every player has his own fundas, methods and concepts. The only way to develop your own professional shooting style based on your observation and experience is to practice. Here are some tips:

    • Your arsenal receives ammo only when you collect guns of the dead ones regardless of teams. Or else, you will pick up the guns containing bullets only in the first magazine. The guns you drop while being alive have only the first magazine and the ammo remains with your arsenal.
    • So, try to collect your enemy’s guns so that when someone in the rival team requires to collect the same gun, they won’t get surplus ammo. But remember that when your team needs to collect guns nearby, never collect any gun and throw it back since that way you will deprive him of the ammo and keep it all on your own.
    • The ammo of smg and glock are the same. That for famas, galil, bull-pup, kreig and m4a1 is the same. But the bullets of awp and ak47 are different and only one of their kinds.
    • Try to juggle away guns nearby and try to keep them away from the opponents. This is important especially while playing in eco round. While doing an eco, look out for maximum possibilities of finding dropped guns.



10. Monetary Advice

Counter-Strike is a game which is not all about the combat strategies. It is a game wherein managing your finances is important too for a high-level success. While playing at a professional level, you have to ensure that your money is in check no matter whether you are losing or winning, since it is important to make sure that your team is well in-tune and finely timed with fast purchases. If you are short of finances after, for example, losing the round of pistols, the most ideal thing to do is saving your funds by not purchasing anything for next 1-2 rounds; thus you can save sufficient cash for buying armor and a rifle.

counter-strike shooters

11. Be Persistent

Though this may sound obvious, it’s the only way to reach the great heights of professional top-level gaming – be persistent till you become good enough. It is plenty of work and also something you will actually have to do like a real job as much as a game, even in those unavoidable times when morale sinks to rock bottom. Lots of dedication is needed to turn out to be a professional. There will be moments when you and your teammates are doing great efforts to improve and outcome might not always be as you had expected. In such a condition, the most ideal thing to do is to stick together and be persistent to play through it.

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