Tycoon Gold Addon – The Topmost WoW Gold-making Guide

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tycoon 2The dream of every World of Warcraft (and its latest expansion – Warlords of Draenor) player is to make lots and lots of gold. Till date many guides came and tried to establish by teaching various gold-making ways like farming, gathering, crafting etc. But now the most trusted guide has arrived at last named Tycoon Gold Addon which is probably the best gold-making addon aimed at making remarkably more gold in WoW. Click here to visit the official website of Tycoon Gold Addon.

The developer of Tycoon is Dynasty Addons (earlier known as ManaView), the company who creates other great addons for WoW, like Impulse, Edge and Booster. Being in the market since 2008, the company guarantees the outstanding performance of its products.

How Does Tycoon Work?

Tycoon is different than the commonplace gold-making guides in that it points out the exact way for you to make gold. What does that mean? It means that it tells you the exact gold-making strategies and items that will make you the most gold per hour according to the economy of YOUR server. Remember that each server is different, so these strategies and items differ from server to server. Tycoon finds out which ones will work best for your server.


For this you have to just a click a button to “scan” the auction house and Tycoon will find items which are on high demand and low competition, i.e. have a great profit margin. Thus you can understand exactly which items to pick, to make most of the gold. Next Tycoon shows you gathering routes, maps, farming locations etc in the game that will enable you to get just those items within the fastest possible time.

Tycoon works best for:

  • Farming/Grinding
  • Crafting professions (e.g. alchemy, blacksmithing)
  • Gathering professions (e.g. herbalism, mining)
  • Auction house trading (purchasing for low and selling for high)

tycoon 1

In other words, Tycoon offers something for everyone. Almost all the popular gold-making tactics are covered by Tycoon.

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Does Tycoon Work?

Yes. As tested by many WoW fans who have realized that its claim to increase the per-hour gold for average player by +350% is indeed true. This is because you focus on the things that makes the most gold particularly on YOUR server. Plus Tycoon provides additional modules which find exactly where you can get those items, that too at the fastest speed.

tycoon 3

Is it Legit or Scam?

Plenty of people have got access to the addon for their life. You get everything you pay for. So, you can say that Tycoon is 100% legit.

Additional Advantages

  • One-time payment, upgrades and updates for lifetime
  • Quick updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Prompt and friendly customer support via email
  • Auto installer

tycoon 4

In short, Tycoon has given a new dimension to the concept of a WoW gold guide. The in-game features and major aim on helping players to make the most gold as per their own server makes it a total game-changer. Certainly, the old written leveling guides were useful for guiding you about what to do, but it was quite cumbersome to switch out of the game every time to study the next step or get the guides printed. Tycoon provides leveling addons right inside the game thus eliminating the time-consuming process of leaving the game and reading the next steps; so, your gold-making rate per hour greatly increases. Thus, Tycoon beats all other WoW gold-making guides available right now in the market and gains the topmost position.

tycoon 2

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