Ultimate OldSchool RuneScape 1-99 Mining Guide

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OldSchool RuneScape 1-99 MiningMining skills are essential in Old School RuneScape. You have to try to improve it to gain additional XP as well as to unlock extra content in the game and total levels. Mining has several training method that cater to various styles, some of which are AFK and obtain a total profit while some others are intense and don’t earn you any gold. Here are a few of the fastest and most effective ways to train.

Levels 1-32 Fast

To begin with, you can easily evade several lower levels by doing a few quests. First off, you’ll be required to finish Doric’s Quest while trying to earn OSRS Gold. You can pre-purchase 2 Iron, 4 Copper, and 6 Clay before proceeding to complete the quest in one dialogue.

Once you finish it, finish the Dig Site quest. This does require other skills so be warned: You won’t be able to dive into this if you are a fresher.

Finishing these two quests will take your Mining level from 1 to 32 without having to touch even a single ore. They can be finished by all account types and take around 35 minutes (provided you have the skills needed for the Dig Site).

P2P 1-99 Method

• Levels 1-15: Tin/Copper Ore

If, for some reason, you cannot finish the two quests mentioned above, you’ll start your journey with mining Tin/Copper. These are not valuable ores and have to be dropped for quicker experience. The quickest way to drop ore from your inventory is to shift-click.

You can find Tin and Copper in the mine straight south of Lumbridge, around the fishing location and swamp.

Lumbridge Swamp copper mine

• Levels 15-35/70: Iron Ore

Powermining iron is an excellent method of training. It’s also viable (though not the best) up to 99. Once you reach a level that’s high enough, you’ll start mining the ore almost immediately. Therefore, it’s best to use a place where there are three iron rocks one after the other. The location just east of Ardougneis the easiest.

After reaching level 60 Mining, you’ll gain access to the Guild Mining. The guild contains several three-rock iron spots and a bank nearby for banking the ores. Also, by trading the Unidentified Minerals found here, you can buy the two available Mining Gloves.

• Levels 35-70/99: Motherlode Mine

MLM is the highest AFK Mining experience that Old School RuneScape offers. It occurs within the cave in just the south of the main entryway to the Dwarven Mines. Once you get inside, you can start to mine the Ore veins in the wall to obtain Pay-dirt.

• Levels 61-99: Gem Mining

You can mine gemstones in the northwest corner of Shilo Village. Rather than getting ore, you’ll get random gem bags—even Diamonds! You can access the ladder near the Gemstones while wearing Karamja Gloves 3 or 4. There are 48 Gemstones in this area that you can mine and a bank sits just in the middle.

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osrs gems mining

• Levels 70-99: 3-tick Granite

While this method is quite tricky, it’s also the fastest method to reach level 99. At first, you’ll need to set up your inventory: 1 Clean Tarromin, 1 Clean Harralander, a Pestle and Mortar and 100+ Swamp Tar.

With this inventory, proceed to the quarry. You can do so by taking the magic carpet at Shanty Pass towards the Bedabin Camp. Once you reach it, run south past the Bandits and around a small mountain into the quarry.

The basic idea behind this method is to utilize the animation of forming tar to quicken your actions. For starting an animation, you can use the tar on the herb or vice versa.

• Levels 70-99: Volcanic Mine

To access the Volcanic Mine, you need to complete Bone Voyage, and claim five Unidentified Small Fossils as well as150 Kudos from Peter in the Museum Camp. This can be dangerous and you’ll need high-level gear.

Therefore, consider your gear and inventory setup before beginning the training, along with getting gold which can be traded on an OSRS Gold sell site. You should maximize your Prayer Bonus while still keeping the experience boost of the Prospector set.

Upon entering the mine, you’ll get 30 seconds before the Volcano begins to erupt. Then, during the course, you’ll get 10 minutes to mine iron as much as possible and escape. If you’re left inside the Volcano after 10 minutes, you’ll die during eruption!

• Levels 75-99: Blast Mining

Blast Mining needs 100% favor in the Lovakengj House. The popularity of the Blast Mine at level 75 is due to the fact that you can obtain Runite ore. Plus, you can get ores 10 levels under their true requirement as a special perk. The Blast Mine is located in the northernmost part of Great Kourend in the Lovakengj area.

osrs blast mining

• Levels 85-99: Runite Mining

Although this method is not the quickest method of mining training, it’s one of the most profitable money-making methods. However, there is tremendous competition. Most Runite Rocks sites will either have certain requirements or will be situated in a dangerous area. These include Mining Guild, Heroes Guild, Neitiznot, and more.

So, are you all set to train for OSRS mining?

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