What’s Better – PC Gaming Or Console Gaming?

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PC_gaming vs_Console gamingUntil recently a video game used to thrill any gamer, no matter whatever kind of it was. But nowadays a new debate has begun regarding whether PC games are better or the console games. Well, whatever is the truth, there’s no doubt that PC gaming is becoming increasingly popular. Visit PC Master Race and you will realize it. This is a website where you can discuss all about gaming, know the latest gaming news and share your opinion with other crazy gamers like you. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of PC gaming.

Advantages of PC Gaming

  • The first and foremost advantage of PC gaming is today there are innumerable games available for PC than for consoles, especially when it is concerned with multiplayer online games. Not only a huge number of MMOGs are designed for PC, but PC gamers have an alternative too to play MUDs, browser games, email games and an extensive variety of titles which are available for free downloading or are distributed digitally.
  • Another major advantage of PC is you can use a PC for doing lots of things other than playing games, which you cannot do with consoles. Moreover, whenever you want to modify games or edit their maps, you need a PC, and you need to take an interval from gaming for some time to read gaming sites.
  • PCs always come with the most advanced gaming technology. The modern generation of hi-tech consoles did constrict the gap briefly, but well-equipped PCs are giving even superior graphics continuously. Their monitors can be available with significantly higher resolutions than HDTVs and dual GPU solutions and the most recent multi-core processors make it possible to create a considerably strong game system. Even though a console may offer superfine technology right upon its launch, it has no way out to compete with the fast hardware sophistications which are now like a way of life in the computer world.
  • Regarding online gaming, PCs offer gamers various ways to connect to each other and to the internet which are not limited to proprietary services or software. Different computer brands and even different operating systems usually connect with each other very well. This is pretty different from services such as Xbox Live which is the only choice available to Xbox users who want to play online, and prohibited to those who don’t have an Xbox.
  • Lastly, as your PC becomes old, you have a reasonable opportunity to extend its gaming life with an upgrade, though it can get sometimes messy.

PC Gaming

Disadvantages of PC Gaming

  • Although PCs are now available at remarkably low price than they were initially, they are still pretty pricier than consoles. However, there are ways to save money on a PC, like assembling it yourself; still it’s not easy to drag down its price to be comparable to even the priciest console.
  • PCs are becoming more and more user-friendly but in the course of time every PC gamer comes across some technical issue that obstructs their gaming, be it incompatible components or a device driver in need of updating. Plus PCs are much more susceptible to malware, viruses and other security issues.
  • The fact is, it’s a bit of gamble to install a game on your PC. You never have a clear idea whether it will work properly till you actually start playing the game, and even after that, a corner of your mind is always worriedly expecting it to crash any time.
  • PC games have a tendency to get incredibly complicated, unlike console games. This may offer a depth to the game, but it can also lead to tedious amount of lengthy tutorials and keyboard commands which needs you to spend time on learning.
  • PC games are usually not playable on the couch, particularly when the keyboard and mouse are the PC game controllers of choice. Also you can hardly find PC games that allow two players at the same time on one machine, unlike console games.

console gaming

Bottom Line

The latest generation of consoles has a lot to provide online gamers and if you are a fan of racing and sports titles, console gaming is for you. On the other hand, if you love online shooters and massively multiplayer games, PC games are your best bet. At present, online game options for consoles are improving day by day, but service charges like that for Xbox Live and proprietary networks make them a bit less appealing. So, by and large PCs are still the leading platform for online gaming and it seems likely to continue still for a while.

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