Incredible Benefits of VPN for Gaming

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VPN for gamingFor those who want to keep their online activities secure and private, VPN has always been an excellent solution. VPN is also an essential tool for those who do heavy downloads of music, videos and other files regularly. Another area where a VPN comes handy is while accessing location-restricted content, like sports events in other countries. But how far is the anonymous IP offered by the VPN helpful for gamers? Yes, for gaming too, VPNs have become an essential security measure for hardcore gamers.

What is VPN?

If you have no idea about what the heck a VPN is, here is a little explanation. Virtual Private Network offers you a private network to access the internet. Traditionally, VPNs have been in use in educational facilities and businesses because these are the places where numerous people access the same data. For those who travel and want to access particular resources on a private network, VPNs are great.

The biggest benefit of VPNs is they perfectly protect your online presence.

Why Should Gamers have a VPN?

Online gamers know how important it is to minimize latency. For an efficient gaming, you can’t waste your time in trying and trying and not getting response. Latency makes us frustrated. So, speaking of using a VPN in gaming may make you think it will only bring another step in the connection and will slow you more, increasing the problem of latency. However, if you try the VPN of, I am sure you won’t come across that problem, as I haven’t! I have noticed only 10-12 ms rise in my ping. Of course, this number may vary as per the server chosen, etc. While playing online I hardly noticed any lag.

Playing online games with a VPN has some distinct benefits for which you can ignore the unnoticeable lag.

Encryption of Traffic

As a rule, with VPN, there will be encryption of your traffic and so, nobody can spy on what you are doing or saying. This is the key benefit of VPN while gaming.

Saves You from DDoS Attack

A VPN can also save you against DDoS attacks. If you haven’t heard of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, it is to send requests from different compromised systems (often a Trojan of some kind) to a particular system so as to typically take it offline, thereby making it inaccessible. Typically it involves only showering a server with loads of requests till it slows down and end into a total halt.

Many competitive matches have seen such types of cases where when a person is losing, s/he will just DDoS and cause the winning player to disconnect. For example the Chinese DOTA 2 league G-1 were forced to leave the match with this trick. With a VPN, you can avoid such attacks and have your records unharmed. Of course, incidences of DDoS are rare, but they happen regularly when some bad losers are involved in playing.

If or not you are a competitive gamer, using a VPN is recommendable just to ensure that your record is not tarnished unfairly. The latency issue is negligible as compared to the valuable benefits you get from a VPN. is committed to offer you utmost security while being online and so, they have a strict zero logging on all traffic. Unlike other providers of VPN service, Safety IP don’t store logs of your online activities. So, you and your family are absolutely safe and anonymous with Safety IP.

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