Arma 3 – An Experience Every Gamer should Take

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Arma 3ARMA 3 by the Czech studio Bohemia Interactive is an open-world tactical shooter. It’s set in the mid-2030s during NATO’s military operation, Operation Magnitude, in Europe against “Eastern armies” called CSAT led by Iran with an alliance with other Middle Eastern and Asian countries. This is the period 25 years after that of ARMA 2. The NATO forces positioned on Aegean Sea islands are attempting to hold off an enormous CSAT military offensive from the east. Arma 3 is a deep war simulator and allows you to make your own fun using its huge range of carefully recreated military hardware and breathtaking battlefields.

Arma 3 is feature-rich and not a “left-trigger to aim, right trigger to shoot” type of game, but you have to use nearly all keys of your keyboard, remember particular key combos in your mind and what each one does depending upon if you are in a tank, on foot or a helicopter etc.

With the various firing modes, movement speeds, stances, and other options, it’s easy to get fumbled at least in the initial few hours. And Arma 3 doesn’t even offer a tutorial. Its Showcases (playable situations displaying its several features) follow a logical series that introduce you to the complex mechanics. But the real instructions come from the on-screen hints that clearly tell you which key is for what.

Some of the showcases are more interesting and in one of them you can access a non-lethal aerial drone and an armored ground vehicle drone which you can make use of to eradicate targets in a proximal town. If you devise a tactic of sending your aerial drone ahead, it allows you to coordinate mortar fire and corner enemies in the town. So, it’s a kind of satisfying because it helps you to create a strategy fully of your own and no other shooter can accommodate it.

The potential of Arma 3 is much more fun while playing online with real people, particularly those who are familiar already with the game and can give us tips. The game has no capped player limit. So theoretically a server where 100 players are in opposition to another 100 players in a huge sandbox where nearly anything is possible is one of the best shooters you might have ever played. Practically, new players are given a list of servers half-full of random players so, can go wrong. Since no seeming incentives are offered to players for cooperating or even funneling them to the same spaces of its huge maps, multiplayer is almost unending chaos, which is fun in its own way though.

The complexity of Arma 3 is like a double-edged sword. You take a long time to comprehend, but once you become comfortable with the mechanics to benefit from it under pressure, you can engage in a type of large-scale strategic war that you simply can’t find anywhere else. In short, Arma 3 is an experience that everyone should take to learn that there is a light at the end of every dark tunnel.

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