Dragonlord Supremacy – An Ultimate Combat Experience

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DLSupremacyYou are the Dragonlord of Queen Morgana and you should go on winning lands by hook or by crook! Attempt quests, employ strategies along border enlargement, extend your settlements by building bastions, go on stretching the periphery of your territory and make your opponents tremble with fear! That’s what the new PC turn-based strategy war game – Dragonlord Supremacy! Developed by Camelot Hobbies, the game is in BETA and has entered the upcoming IGF China as an indie entry, as part of the Games Developers’ Conference event. You can download the game here.


Dragonlord Supremacy is set in the Medieval period in King Arthur’s times. The player is Queen Morgana’s Dragonlord and is tasked to win lands. To progress in the storyline, you have to attempt quests.

What is special about Dragonlord Supremacy is its unique border management which enables players to strategize campaigns which ultimately affect their advancement.

The hex map is full of constant challenges presented by Game AI that will make your avatar and units an unending dare, as you go on building, deploying, attacking and bribing your way towards victory.

Due to the border enlargement and connection in Dragonlord Supremacy, a lot of time is saved for players, which is normally spent in gathering resources to buy and build.

The game is turn-based with each turn having 2 phases, Order Phase and Reinforcement Phase.

Order Phase

In this phase you can move units, build bastions with guardians, pack settlement with cavaliers, hire a Hero, attack an enemy or settlement or seek diplomacy from settlement.

Move Units – You can move combat as well as hero units depending on their movement points. You can stack up to 3 combat units in a single hex.

Build Bastions – You can build bastions using Guardian units so as to increase your territory on a hex to attach to your borders. You can upgrade bastions for units to be deployed there directly in the reinforcement phase.

Pack Settlement – You can move a whole settlement by 1 hex per turn with the help of a Cavalier unit.

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Hire Heroes – You can hire heroes to get help in combat. However, heroes will mostly carry special quests that you should perform so as to progress in the storyline towards completing the game.

Combat – You can use various units to attack enemy and NPC units as well as settlements. The stats of attack and defence are compared after deciding whether a hit is successful or not and accordingly damage is dealt with. A dice roll helps to offer some randomness to the “hit” ability. The game stands out with an “old school” feel, rarely seen these days.

Diplomacy – For making alliance with settlements, gold is used by a Diplomatic Unit and dice rolls are used as a chance factor along hostility level of the settlement.

Reinforcement Phase

In this phase, you can use gold to get diplomatic units or new combat.

Game Development

Episode 1 is near completion and Camelot Hobbies has just released an Indiegogo to develop episode 2 “Green Gridlock” and the game will also be launched soon on Android and iOS.

How You Can Help

Your contribution will be utilized as follows:

  • The first $5,000 will be used for completing Episode 1: Blue Bastion. You can watch the video to see that the Demo has already been done.
  • The next $10,000 will be used for Episode 2: Green Gridlock. The necessary engine codes, art, modules etc have been created so as to make the process of development smooth.
  • For players who would wish to play Dragonlord Supremacy on their iPads and Android tablets, developers have coded the game in Cocos2D-x so as to make the port to these platforms work fine. They need $12,000 for this.
  • Every $10,000 after this will be used for creation of 2 more episodes, in continuance with the backers.

The development team would love to share the fruit of their work with you – the superfans! So, they have an extensive range of unique perks only for you – their ardent patrons. Watch them here.

In short, you will be getting a huge range of thrills, excitement and passion in form of Dragonlord Supremacy soon to offer you an ultimate combat experience!


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