Small Things that will Earn You Guild Wars 2 Gold Quickly

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gold gw2You might not be knowing that there are indeed some ways to make gold in GW2 as fast as possible and use it as less as possible all through the game. Many people know that making GW 2 gold is not easy. Most of the items are expensive as compared to the quantity of gold an average player has while playing the game. Here we have compiled some tips to make you earn GW2 gold with some strategic efforts.

Do Not Travel Fast

Traveling everywhere fast may seem like a small amount every time, but it goes on adding fast particularly in the higher levels you eventually get. Saving money will help you and if you need to travel, you can pick up some ore or farm along the way etc.

Magic Find Gear

You must have a nice magic find set, particularly if you are 80. The set should be complete with magic find sigils. Be sure to put it on whenever you do your dailies or farm events. You must salvage most gear that you choose and sell the materials, unless you get some particularly good item that sells great by itself.

Farm Each Node You Get

Whether it is wood, cooking materials or ore, farm it. It doesn’t make any difference if it is something you can make use of personally. Collect it and sell it. Cooking materials and ore particularly sell for a lot. If you run on by it, you toss gold out the window.

Sell Unknown Dyes

Unknown dyes sell for just a little on an average, some silver per piece. The only dyes that get good price are the white and black. You don’t have very nice odds of getting them, therefore you better sell them unidentified and that will make a good amount quickly.

Flip Mini Pets

Search for pets having a quantity of one for the price of a few silver. After getting them, buy them and sell them back for a higher price.

Farm Orichalcum Ore

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Orichalcum can be found everywhere at Southsun Cove as well as in Orr. It can earn you big money! If you have 80s with multiple levels, it is good to farm everyday on each 80 you have.

Play the Trading Post

Buy at low price and sell for higher one.

Copper Ore

Copper ore sells for a good price if you consider how easy it is to obtain and how people purchase it like crazy.

Sell Cooking Ingredients

Cooking ingredients are also profitable to sell for the Trading Post.

Buy Orders on “Sacks”

The sacks that you get off mobs consist of crafting materials at random. Get them for cheap prices through buy orders and later sell the materials they contain.

Flip Copper Ore

You can even place buy orders on Copper Ore and later sell it. The profit you will get is small, but it will quickly add up if you buy them in dozens and then flip them.

If you apply these simple tips, you can earn some gold quickly on Guild Wars 2. Earning gold in GW2 is the real fun in the game.

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