Top Tips for Candy Crush Saga Candies

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candy-crush sagaKing’s Candy Crush Saga is perhaps today’s most popular video game, which has even outdone FarmVille 2 on Facebook. I can’t tell which is the most attractive feature of the game, but what I like the most are the various colored candies in there! As such, you can learn various Candy Crush tips. On you will get lots of them. As I love candies, I would like to give you some tips and info about the candies here.

As you know there are three types of candies, Striped Candy, Wrapped Candy and Color Bomb. Each has its own special effect and you can create them by special formation. Plus there are some unique items like Chameleon Candies and Sugar Crush, which offer their own benefits to you.

formation of 3 special candies

Striped Candy

A striped candy is similar to the regular candy with vertical or horizontal stripes on it. You can create a striped candy when you match four regular candies in a row. The color of the stripes would be that of the 4 candies you match together.

Benefit of creating a striped candy is it clears a whole column or row according to the direction of the stripes, vertical or horizontal. This direction of the stripes again depends on the direction you swiped to form the special striped candy.

Striped candies are great particularly in ingredient levels or in levels containing an isolated jelly. It is also your best bet when you want to hit a specific spot on the board. It is also the easiest to create among combinations of special candies.

A striped candy can also be used for strategic purposes! Even in some cases, you might require it more than a wrapped candy. Because of the shapes of wrapped candies, sometimes you are able to choose if or not to create a wrapped candy or a striped candy.

Many times, a striped is more useful to you, particularly if you are looking for clearing a row of meringues or frosted blocks.

Wrapped Candy

A wrapped candy is same as a regular candy, but wrapped in a square wrapper. You can create it by arranging 5 candies in the shape of L, + or T.

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The use of a wrapped candy is, when it is activated in a 3-candy combination, it will clear all the 8 candies surrounding it with an explosion. The candy explodes twice after it is activated. This candy is easy to create and is very effective when you have meringues (frosted) or chocolate squares blocking you. So, whenever you need to break through many blockers or clear an area, a wrapped candy is very useful. Plus it earns you points. For every wrapped candy you create, you earn 200 points and when it explodes, clearing surrounding 8 candies, it earns you 540 points.

Color Bomb

The black chocolate ball enclosed in rainbow sprinkles is a color bomb. You can create it when you match 5 candies in a row.

Its use is when you swipe it with a regular candy, it clears all the same colored candies from the board. It also gives you points. For its creation you earn 200 points. You even need not activate it; it is activated automatically when you try and move it, even though it is not matching with three same colored candies.

A color bomb is the most difficult to create of the three special candies. But it is also the most useful, because it has the power to clear a big amount of candies that are not near it. So, it is great for fulfilling order levels, opening up moves, or clearing an isolated candy which is enclosed in a piece of jelly.

Chameleon Candies (Rainbow Candies)

Chameleon or Rainbow candies introduced in level 306 are special because they are dynamic! Any candy enclosed in a rainbow sphere changes colors upon every move made. Every candy changes 2 colors. E.g. if the candy is blue, it turns to yellow. In next turn, it becomes yellow again. These candies are normally found covered in marmalade and can be cleared like a normal candy.

candy Chameleon

Sugar Crush

A Sugar Crush offers you bonus points. It occurs if you have more moves or special candies remaining at the end of a level, and you get bonus points by Sugar Crush for playing so well.

sugar crush

Candy Crush Saga is an utterly captivating game and when you learn its tricks, you get more and more fascinated. So, learn the tips and tricks, and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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