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Gaming Gear Review – Be Sure You Buy the Best Gaming Gear

Gaming is an extremely fun-filled hobby; but it’s quite expensive too. When you are a hardcore gamer, you need a lot of things in addition to the game itself which are known as gaming gear. All of them make your gaming experience fun and therefore they should be high-quality. But if you don’t buy them carefully, they may happen to be low-quality and your hard-earned money may be wasted.…

Vixbee – Place to Get Everything in Gaming

We all know that video gaming is extremely popular throughout the world which is obvious from a recent study which has observed that a whopping quantity of 3 billion hours is spent in gaming every week by people around the world. If you are a gamer, you know what a fun it is to get immersed in your favorite game for hours. What if you are an ardent fan of video games and are also in the business of the same? Won’t it be amazing?…

3 Useful Tips that will Let You Enjoy Dead by Daylight the Most

You can now play Dead by Daylight on PlayStation for free if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription. This means that a lot of new players will be participating in the twisted game of Entity. This also means that all types of beginners will be playing as Survivors and trying to understand when and what to do it, while trying to evade Killers. If you are such a beginner, here are a few tips that may be useful to you.

Team Syukino – Exciting Games You cannot Afford to Miss

If you haven’t so far come across Team Syukino, understand that they are mainly a publisher of role playing games. But they also publish other genres, including adventure, Indie, strategy and casual. The founder of the company and developer of the games is Indie developer Syu-Syu whose motto is “Let us go where the world takes us.”…

3 Practical Tips on What to Wear for a Gaming-related Job Interview

If you are a gamer yourself and hunting for a job in the gaming industry, there are certain peculiarities of this vibrant industry that you will have to remember. As a gamer, you might love to live, dress, eat and play your own way. Well, that’s suitable for a gaming job too, because this industry is pretty casual too! So, how would you like to dress up on your interview day? Here are some tips.

Grand Theft Auto Codes – Things You Should Know

GTA 5 codes are a staple for any play-through being the simplest way to start the fun. Although the game is around for five years, not many players have still located all those side missions, mysterious collectibles and goodies hidden in the game. Therefore, you need to have the codes. Here are some things you should know about them.

Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Game Discs

It’s disgusting when you buy a used game and find it either dirty or having its case and instructions missing. You on your own can never let this happen to your games. If you learn to take care of your games better, you can enjoy them better. Here are a few useful tips.

Toronto eSports Team Facing City Name Issue – Is eSports World Ready for This?

The upcoming Overwatch League of this year has been marked with a dispute when the California-based game holding company, Activision Blizzard told the Toronto Uprising, a Toronto-based eSports team to remove the city name from its name or else it won’t be permitted to participate in the tournament. The Toronto Uprising is obviously not happy with this order and have declared their unhappiness saying that it’s an unreasonable demand.

An Interesting Overview of Uldir

If you are a great fan of World of Warcraft, you should know that Uldir has been recently introduced. Uldir is a raid instance and an expansion of Battle for Azeroth in which there are 8 new bosses, and sizes and difficulties like Normal, Heroic and Mythic modes and Raid Finder.…