3 Points You Should Consider for Choosing a Perfect Gaming Mouse

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gaming mouseA gaming mouse can certainly give you a competitive edge and make your gaming much more convenient and comfier. So, how would you choose a perfect gaming mouse?

1. How is a Gaming Mouse Different from a Regular Mouse?

As such a gaming mouse doesn’t differ a lot from a regular mouse, nor does it have a lot of extra buttons or LED lights. However, in general, any gaming mouse you’re considering buying should have at least two properties: a progressive laser or optical sensor that can provide faster or more accurate movements, and some level of user customization.

Gaming mice also usually feature additional buttons for the player’s thumb, extra-long cables, on-the-fly adjustments to speed and sensitivity, or even special functions like button tension springs or adjustable weights.

vertical gaming mouse

2. Your Grip

The way you grip the mouse, particularly for playing a PC game against using it for more ordinary tasks, is important. Grips are usually of three styles: Palm grip (fingers laying flat on mouse buttons and the palm resting on the mouse body), tip grip (tips of index, middle and ring fingers resting on left, center (wheel) and right buttons and palm not touching mouse body, and thumb gripping the sides of the mouse) and claw grip (a blend of palm and tip grip styles with palm resting on the back edge of the mouse and tips of fingers and thumb angling in on the buttons).

Different types of mice may favor different types of grips. E.g. wider, bigger mice favor palm grip, whereas short mice may make maneuvering with tip grip easier, and relatively narrow mice with elongated, skinny primary buttons may favor claw grip.

consider your grip

3. Various Types of Gaming Mice

Shooter Mice

Shooter mice is the most common type of gaming mouse and has a common left button-wheel-right button setup like regular mice, plus 2-3 thumb buttons.

USB gaming mouse

MOBA or MMO Mice

Multiplayer online battle arena games like League of Legends and massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft share some common design features: some very specific contextual skills that don’t have to be used from time to time, but need to be quickly activated to stay competitive. Therefore the MMO mouse was created with a 12-button grid just for the thumb.

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MOBA mouse

Ambidextrous Mice

Ambidextrous mice are perfect for lefty gamers. They have perfectly symmetrical bodies and buttons instead of bodies curved for the right hand.

Ambidextrous Mouse

Mobile Mice

Smaller portable gaming mice are created for gamers on the go. These are usually wireless and much lighter than regular gaming mice, and are more favorable to a tip grip style.

thermaltake gaming mouse

Hybrid Mice

Hybrid mice are designed to be able to work with any gaming genre without any particular specialty. You can choose them if you’re looking for flexibility.

Corsair USB gaming mouse

Plus, you’d get a lot of other latest types of mice on Computer Alliance. Check it out.

Computer Alliance

Hopefully, this information would be helpful to you for choosing your gaming mouse. Happy gaming!

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