Does Upgrading RAM Affect Gaming?

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OCPC XTREME Series MemoryIt’s an old conception that the more the RAM the better and this is followed by every computer and gaming enthusiast. Well, a bigger RAM is indeed brings in its own benefits. But the question is when you are building a computer for gaming, is it worth spending more on RAM. Which one is the best – 4 GiB, 8 GiB or 16 GiB? Let’s see.

Random Access Memory (RAM) is the place in your computer where all the data and programs are stored while being processed. When you buy a computer, you get a certain amount of RAM free. If the amount of this free memory is less than needed by a program executed by the computer, it won’t run. However, the computer has a feature known as “virtual memory” where some data is stored temporarily in a device (usually a hard disk) to free some memory. When the CPU wants data moved to the storage memory, the data should be reloaded to the RAM and the unused new data is then moved to the virtual memory. This transfer lessens the computer’s performance since the performance of a hard disk is less than that of the RAM.

When free memory is available, it is used by most operating systems as a data cache while maintaining a copy of the last data from the storage memory. Due to this, when same program is opened again, it loads much faster than previous time as it’s not needed to read the data again from the disk as it is already present in the unused RAM.

So, these two features make the amount of RAM affect the overall computer performance. Low memory makes the computer slow, while larger amount of RAM can make it faster.

Things to Consider while Buying RAM

You should consider the following points while buying an upgraded RAM:

  • Maximum module size that your PC supports
  • RAM connector types used by your system among the four – DRAM, SDRAM, RDRAM or DDR SDRAM
  • Memory speed at which data transfers between RAM and CPU
  • Memory banks which are memory slots close to the CPU
  • ECC (Error Correcting Code)
  • Column address strobe (CAS) rating should be lower in order to better SDRAM in CL2 and CL3, and DDR SDRM in CL2 and CL2.5

The question is that whether more installed RAM improves the gaming performance of the computer.

OCPC XTREME Series Memory Module (RAM)

The RAM by OCPC in their XTREME series offers you an improved level of gaming experience because of increased speed. The speed is increased 100% safely. XTREME Series is customized for professional gamers. With its ultra-thin heat-spreading solution in the form of aluminium heatsink, the OCPC XTREME Series offers you an improved level of graphics and gaming. Thus your speed is almost doubled with XTREME Series while gaming, multitasking and handling data-intensive programs.

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