Finding a Perfect Surround Sound Gaming Headset for FPS for Real Captivation

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best gaming headset reviewsIf you have planned to buy a surround sound gaming headset for FPS, it’s a good decision. Surround sound headset is indeed a right choice. But you should test it first and see if it’s really good. Here are some tips.

Why to Choose a Surround Sound?

Directional Sound: This is the main attractive feature of a surround sound headset that most people look for when they buy a gaming headset, because they don’t only want to listen to the footsteps of the opponents, but also want to know the direction from which they are coming.

In our real life, we can quite precisely identify from where a particular sound is coming. Several video game developers are trying to bring such directional sound in their games with the help of a type of surround sound technology. Their aim is to produce a soundscape which should be as similar to a real life scenario as possible.

For example, in a first-person shooter game, your enemy is reloading a weapon on your back. The programming of the game is done in such a way that the sound is heard as if it is actually coming from behind the back of your character.

A game with a great surround sound is able to give you an experience of various sounds coming from all directions, which leads to a deep involvement in the game and ability to take right decisions.

A surround sound headset offers you full ability to identify directional sounds.

What to Test?

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When you put on the headset for the first time, first of all you should take the overall sound into consideration. You should listen carefully:

  • Are the bass, treble and midrange produced by the headset are to your liking?
  • Are these three properly balanced? (For example, some gamers don’t like too much bass)
  • Is the sound to your preference?
  • Are you missing something in the soundscape?

Several gaming headsets are preset either to increase or reduce the addition of various frequency spectra. If you don’t like the sound you hear, you can try choosing a different preset.

How to Test Surround Sound?

Once you do the initial test as mentioned above, you can test the headset for its ability to reproduce directional sound.

One way which works both for a PC and a console is:

  • Start a game on the console or PC.
  • Find a non-moving sound, e.g. a car which has its engine on but which is not moving
  • Place yourself (your character) before the sound-producing object so that the sound is centered in the headset.
  • Rotate yourself slowly in 360 degrees
    The sound should be heard moving around you
  • Ensure that the sound is not be “jumping” from driver to driver. It is perfect if it constantly moves along the different drivers in your headset.

Here’s one more way:

  • Fire up a latest Call of Duty game.
  • Set a private match and invite a friend
  • Let your character be still and your friend’s character should move around you
  • While moving s/he should reload a weapon, shoot, throw grenades, and do such sound-producing activities
  • Note how the locations of the various sounds in your headset match the locations of your friend’s character.

So, if you find a perfect surround sound headset, your enjoyment of the FPS increases multiple times and you understand what a real captivation is!

Read the best gaming headset reviews on to choose the best gaming headsets and take your gaming experience to the next level.

best gaming headset reviews

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