Protect Your Smartphone from Excessive Heat and Cold and Make it Enjoyable Forever

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smartphone with Optimal in desert heatIs your phone overheated recurrently? Do you have to face lowered performance of your device because of the excessive heat or cold? Aren’t you able to enjoy music and other features incessantly at your favorite places like beaches and gardens, and during travel? Now you have a great solution for your problem in form of Optimal active protection system! This system keeps your phone cool by dissipating its excessive heat and keeps it enjoyable for you, anywhere, anytime! Optimal is the great protector for your smartphone from heat as well as cold. Optimal is the coolest and smartest way to protect your smartphone till date, from inside out!

How Does Optimal Work?

Optimal is a super thin, high quality case that has been created for keeping your smartphone in its desired operating temperature anytime. It ensures that your smartphone gives its optimum performance in any outdoor condition and any task by monitoring changes in temperature constantly and adjusting accordingly. What’s more, it can act as a backup battery for your phone, if required.

Optimal works as an active extension to the metal chassis of your smartphone. It is not produced standardized, but is customized for each phone model by its particular thermal properties. Optimal is just 5mm (0.19 inches) thin and features the most sophisticated technology.

how optimal works

Outstanding Features

  • Optimal offers your smartphone protection from overheating as well as freezing
  • High standard metal construction
  • Acts as a backup battery
  • Shock-proof
  • Rain/dust proof
  • High precision temperature sensors
  • Lightweight chassis weighing just 40 gm
  • Ultra-thin – just 5 mm (0.19 inches) thin
  • Optimal C/A application
  • System protection speaker alarm
  • Antenna cut-outs, so, no signal drop
  • Fully automatic
  • Low-voltage Bluetooth
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS

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smartphone with Optimal in desert heatBenefits of Optimal

  • If you place your phone on the dashboard of your car or on bike to use its GPS, it will get overheated to the extent that it fails. With Optimal, you can place it anywhere, even in direct sunlight, and it won’t get overheated.
  • No need to carry bulky cases for batteries
  • When you play games on your smartphone, it requires plenty of resources from the CPU and graphics engine of your phone and the phone gets heated fast. The micro fans of Optimal are placed strategically so as to dissipate heat from main areas and eliminate the risk of overheating. Thus your gaming experience reaches a whole new level.
  • In winter, there is a common threat of battery drain and you will notice a quicker loss of charge of your smartphone than usual or it can even go off suddenly. But with Optimal, this cannot happen, because it can sense even the slightest drop in temperature and will put its Anti-freeze heating coils to work, to ensure that your gadget and battery stay safe. Thus Optimal protects your phone from cold.
  • You may wander in any atmospheric or geographical condition without worrying about your smartphone, because Optimal protects it from rain, snow, dust, water and small particles, while permitting movement of fresh air into the chassis.


smartphone with Optimal on car dashboard

So, now you can enjoy any picnic, adventure, camping or outing, without worrying about your smartphone, if you equip it with Optimal. Get it immediately so that your smartphone keeps serving you and you keep enjoying!

smartphone with Optimal on bike

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