15 Awesome Guild Wars 2 Tips

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GW2 No one needs to tell you the importance of having gold in Guild Wars 2. It needs to pay attention to small and big things so as to keep progressing and ultimately being successful in this extremely engaging game. As such, a surefire way is to buy GW2 gold online from a reliable retailer. But there are also other tips and tricks to make gold and be successful. Here are some of them.

  1. To stay well equipped during leveling is a necessity and the most effective yet the cheapest way to do that is to buy fine or masterwork gear at the trading post. After every five or ten levels, get new gear.
  2. You can make some easy money by selling any material tier six or less than that.
  3. Also if any piece of equipment is not useful to you, sell it, particularly level 80 equipment, until it earns you minimum three silver. Recover everything else.
  4. Sell level 68 or superior rare as long as it gets you more than its purchase cost of a Glob of Ectoplasm. Recover it if it costs less than that price to obtain ectoplasm to sell or salvage.
  5. Don’t use up your karma on vendors at low level. Save it for the exquisite armor skins, Obsidian Shards and exotic gear at level 80.
  6. An easiest way to obtain Karma in the game is Edge of the Mists farming.
  7. Laurels should be best used for: Unidentified Dyes, Heavy Crafting Bags, ascended recipes, ascended amulets and Living World rewards.
  8. Commendations should be best spent on: guild tools, exclusive skins and ascended accessories
  9. Badges of Honor should be best spent on: hard to get skins, cheap exotic equipment and the Gift of Battle
  10. Fractal Relics should be best spent for: Obsidian Shards, upgradeable back pieces and 20 slot equipment boxes.
  11. The cheapest way to obtain your desired ascended ring is Pristine Fractal Relics. You have the ability to convert one Pristine Fractal Relic to 15 regular Fractal Relics.
  12. By going to the Edge of the Mists through the WvW panel and then just heading through the Lion’s Arch Portal is the cheapest way to get to the Lion’s Arch.
  13. If you want to store Transmutation Stones and a few dungeon skins, an easiest means for that is the PvP Reward Tracks.
  14. A character can be leveled to 80 by doing just PvP, WvW or some Living World updates.
  15. Crucible of Eternity, Citadel of Flame, Arab tokens and Honor of the Waves can be used to buy light armor gloves for 30 tokens. These can be salvaged for ectoplasm and silk to earn some significant profit.

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