3 Exciting Games that You Must Play for Hours of Entertainment

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LuvociousVariety is the spice of life – so very right! This is true about gaming too. The more the games a gamer can play, the more enjoyable the process is. Steam is a platform that is consistently providing a huge variety of games and helping quench gamers’ thirst for fun gaming. Steam is also a platform where several talented game developers get a chance to present some outstanding games to the gaming enthusiasts. Syu-Syu is an extremely talented and creative developer who has brought a few mind-blowing games for you. Here are some of them.

1. Luvocious

What do you want from a game? Obviously, it’s hours and hours of entertainment! Luvocious is going to give you just that. This exciting game contains three adventures you may dream of and you are bound to get immersed in them. The three adventures are of three types – a modern, a fantasy and a futuristic, conceptualized on your journey in the past, present and future. And your journey is going to be more and more enchanting with some fun characters you’ll meet on the way.


This is the story of Alte, a high school student living in a town named Shigekatsu, all on his own and naturally he has to undergo a lot of troubles in his daily life. He has to attend classes, keep good relations with his peers and he is employed too where he has to work hard. He is also in search of a “special person”. He is constantly trying to keep himself clean always among all these efforts and also save himself from the evil thugs that are a threat to his town.

What you’ll love in this story is:

  • The enchanting Japanese culture with a modern touch
  • An opportunity to earn money and buy goods with it
  • Date your classmates
  • Receive emails and send messages
  • Plan your activities with the help of a Time and Day System
  • Raise your adrenaline by fighting off vicious criminals in the city of Shigekatsu
  • Cook for your guests with the cooking mechanic


This story is of Princess Yuki who is the heir to the throne of Castle Almachia, and is proposed to marry Prince Myleik of the Shudra Kingdom so as to unify both the warring kingdoms. However, she meets with a disaster when some unknown forces attack her castle and she parts with her loyal subjects and is left to die in a desert. After she is branded to the world as a traitor and hunted by people who want to wrongly bring her to justice, Princess Yuki hides herself and now she wants to take revenge of what was done to her and her kingdom. For this mission, she has to obtain the powers for the mystical slime kings while planning to take her revenge all the time.

Top features of this game are:

  • An enchanting setting in Alcornagia, in a time period of 30 years past the events of Balthus’ Requiem
  • A chance to explore Alcornagia in an all new way and explore the familiar locations like the Town of Eternity
  • Brand new monsters on old lands
  • A new cast of characters with the return of an old-battle torn hero
  • A range of side quests and challenging puzzles
  • A great number of shops where you can buy provisions
  • Your curiosity about where Balthus got his eyepatch and how angekos went extinct will be satisfied by answers in this game
  • You’ll get more lore added in the Solenars Edge Series
  • Fantastic soundtrack to make you nostalgic


The time period chosen for this story is 2120 when humans were forced to leave the earth and so, had to scatter throughout the galaxy. The earth was destroyed by the nuclear war 10 years before this and a young team, S.S. Aero, was sent on a mission to find inhabitable planets in the space. But the mission failed and over time they faced the scarcity of resources and started dying one after the other. The last survivor of the team is a young man named Sen who lands on an unknown planet that has a huge research facility and he finds signs of life there. They are humans just like him but they are much more intellectual. Have fun by joining Sen on his mission to save humanity alongside the company of unlikely heroes.

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What you’ll love in this game is:

  • Exciting fights with mysterious characters in the space
  • Seeking signs of life across the galaxy
  • Gun upgrades and new types of magical bullets


2. Restoration

Restoration is the story of a young man known as “Dream-Catcher” who is tasked to restore the souls on the borderline of despair by purifying their heart and preventing their decline towards being hellish beings who would prey upon the weak.

On the outside, however, the world seems to be full of hope but if you look closely, you will find that it’s void of the said hope. Oliver and Penello are two high school students who answer a request that will change their lives. They would travel the region of Astrelia where you can join them and use the power of Restoration to restore the declining souls. You can touch the passing hearts and bring them to life once again on a fantastic pilgrimage.

What you will love in this game is:

  • A colorful world
  • Semi-original soundtrack
  • Several enthralling tasks
  • Touching story
  • Difficulty slider


3. Solenars Edge Rebirth

The story of Solenars Edge Rebirth has a setting of Alcornagia, a world destroyed by warfare and is now dying. The only thing that can save it is a gem named the Solenars Edge, belonging to the heavens. The gem is in the form of a sword and has the power to ward off the darkness and reenergize the world or create an undead army at the wielder’s beck and start an unending chaos. The choice is of whoever grabs it. Several people want the gem to fulfill their selfish desires. However only a select few will get the chance to banish the darkness and use it for the betterment of humanity.

Some remarkable features of the game are:

  • You will get a chance to play the original Solenars Edge series in a new form
  • An enthralling adventure with interesting characters
  • An array of fun secrets and mini games on the way
  • A range of jokes and hidden references
  • Fantastic soundtrack

Solenars Edge Rebirth

So, are you excited enough? What are you waiting for? Get the games and start having fun!

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